Top 5 Benefits of planning app

Top 5 Benefits of planning app

1. A more optimal route

If you only book routes for multiple tracks and lead time is not a major factor in your delivery, you can manually find a relatively short route – it can be time-consuming. However, companies that don’t use cloud-based, AI-powered routing apps for route planning often can’t find the best route for their entire fleet on time. Meanwhile, companies using route planning app can use advanced algorithms to find the fastest and most profitable routes, reducing complexity. Even with many complex factors, a proper application can find a way to optimize distance and other factors.

2. Faster route planning

Relying on manual route planning and navigation apps means spending a lot of time trying to find the optimal route possible. Despite all the time spent, the manual route is the fastest and not the most economical.

In contrast, Smart Track Route Planner can provide drivers with the fastest and most economical routes in less than a minute. This solution takes into account several variables that affect delivery times and performs complex calculations – all in seconds. This will save your working time and use it for other useful tasks.

3. Increase productivity

The route planner app ensures that the driver’s route is efficient in terms of time and distance traveled on the road, allowing the driver to reach more stops during the shift. With the right app, drivers can shorten the time for a change in the grave and businesses can improve the efficiency of deliveries. Their mobile app effectively simplifies the process from the driver’s perspective, acting as a one-stop shop for the entire shipping route.

4. Reduce travel time and mileage.

By optimizing routes, companies can reduce overall travel time and mileage. Naturally, the reduction in mileage for drivers results in significant cost savings.

On the other hand, since fuel costs make up the majority of the costs of a particular fleet, companies can lower their fuel costs, thereby lowering overall costs. Route optimization allows companies to reduce maintenance costs for their vehicles. Indeed, less time spent on the road means less maintenance on the vehicle.

5. Minimize customer service requests

Manual route planning is inefficient and prone to errors. Traditional planning methods cannot conflict with the computational power of routing applications. Unfortunately, this inefficiency leads to inaccurate ETAs, which in turn can upset more customers.

Fortunately, routing applications can provide an accurate ETA based on several complex factors. Additionally, advanced route optimization solutions may include the ability to provide customers with real-time notifications to alert them of possible delivery delays. By providing customers with accurate ETAs and real-time notifications.