4 Tips to Improve Your Business’s Organizational Culture

4 Tips to Improve Your Business’s Organizational Culture

Innovative marketing, booming sales, increased customer engagement, and quality products or services are all significant factors that help measure the success of a business. But are there some people who are responsible for these achievements? Motivated and driven employees are willing to go above and beyond to achieve their organization’s vision and mission.

For any business, be it a small brick-and-mortar business like your local grocery store or a large corporation like HughesNet Internet, the employees are the backbone of the business. The success of a business is only possible if the employees feel engaged, motivated, and supported by the management. This will not only help them collaborate with other departments but will help businesses retain them.

Organizational culture is represented by the beliefs and values of the business that are shared between all the employees that work in it. It is a belief system, where all the individuals involved have the same values. Several elements make up an organization’s culture including the work environment, management style, the vision and mission, and workplace ethics. A company’s culture can come about naturally or be deliberate.

As per a study conducted recently, up to 80% of employees said they would take into account a company’s culture before working for it. Positive company culture is not about having a ping-pong table in the lunch area. It is about having a culture that promotes growth and keeps the employee motivated and eager to work.

Listed below are a few tips using which a business can improve its organizational culture.

  • Be flexible with your employees

Every employee has their own unique set of needs, circumstances, and personal schedules. Some employees are willing to work at night, while some need a day shift. Some employees want an interactive environment to work effectively while some need a quiet space. Although it is important for the employees to be on the same page when it comes to communication, deadlines, and meetings, you can give them a little leniency by allowing them to work on flexible schedules. Your company will most likely increase in both productivity and quality if you take into account the need of the employees.

  • Make sure your employees understand your company’s vision and mission

Employees would be more productive and engaged if they believe they are a part of something larger. Make sure everyone in your company knows and understands fully what it stands for and what it is trying to accomplish and what initiatives it will most likely take to achieve its goals.

  • Motivate your employees to be their own authentic self

Every employee has their own unique personality, passion, sense of style, and hobbies. No one just wants to be limited to their employee ID. You should have some guardrails in place but the more you allow the employees to exhibit their true personality, the more productive and happier they will be.

  • Increase recognition

As per a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, employee recognition is one of the most important factors that drives employee engagement. Monetary rewards are always appreciated by the workers but it is important to note that recognition programs don’t always have to be monetary. Companies and leaders can shout out to the employees via an email thread or on their social media platform. Employees like to feel valued and appreciated. A simple recognition of a job well done, work anniversary or even a birthday can be memorable and meaningful in their eyes.

Wrapping Up

Every business needs to know that there is no magic wand that you will wave and suddenly your company’s culture will be refined and improved. However, it is important to make it a priority in order to increase job satisfaction, morale, long-term productivity, and retention.

Make sure you are consistent with all your effort to promote a healthy organizational culture and you implement strategies that are effective and will help your business succeed.