Reasons why dedicated servers are the best choice

Reasons why dedicated servers are the best choice

A person would start looking at different hosting options when he wants to make his own website. Similarly, an entity would look for these options when it wants to start an e-commerce business or wants to publish a statis website for information purpose. Different servers are suited for different website needs and one must understand the business needs before finalizing the type of servers. There are different servers available and for a lay person it might get a little tricky to choose between these options. The different types of servers which are available are as follows: 

  • Shared servers – with shared space and bandwidth
  • Dedicated hosting servers – without any sort of sharing 
  • Cloud based servers
  • Cluster hosting servers
  • Free and reseller servers for basic websites

Picking the right option is tricky for those who have no idea about these above-mentioned options. Shared servers are those where you share the space with other websites. When you share the space, bandwidth is also shared, and it is not a great way of managing your website of a large or medium scale business. However, if you are looking to develop a website just for information purposes and there is no e-commerce activity going to take place on that website, it might be a great idea to use the shared services as these services are cheaper as compared to dedicated baremetal servers.

Top reasons to use dedicated servers: 

There are many reasons why you should prefer to use cheap dedicated servers Australia right from the beginning. Let us have a look at these reasons: 

  • With dedicated servers you will enjoy a high performance of your e-commerce business
  • Trust and reliability of your site will increase, thus improving the reputation in industry
  • A better security is offered by Australian dedicated servers which means that the data of your customers will stay secured in safe hands
  • Dedicated servers provide you with better customization options. You can manage the hardware and software of those servers as per the needs of your entity
  • No space sharing is required which means that you get a better space and bandwidth for your business
  • In dedicated servers, IP addresses are also not shared which means that there would be no affect of adult sites operating from the same server as you would not be suing the shared server
  • With dedicated server, you get a complete customer support which is extremely important for an e-commerce business. Without this support, no entity can operate a successful operation. 
  • You get to enjoy working in an error and bug free environment which is not possible with a shared storage server. On such a server a lot of websites are hosted from the same server and chances of bugs are increased greatly. 
  • It might be a much expensive option as compared to the shared hosting server, but it is still quite a cheaper option as compared to buying your own server hardware and software and managing the whole apparatus.