Is It Better to Use GIMP or Photolemur?

Is It Better to Use GIMP or Photolemur?

To answer the question of whether GIMP is an alternative to Photolemur design software, it should be made clear that the GIMP project has not been developed with the idea of ending Photolemur, since it is often thought that they perform almost the same functions.

The acronym GIMP stands for Image Manipulation Program and is a free distribution software for a photographic touch-up, image creation, and composition work. It does not have all the advantages that Photolemur has, although new features are always being added that facilitate design tasks.

Photolemur is an application that has commercial quality and is as simple as any other app used for editing photos. It is an automated photo improvement software which can be used to enhance your photos within few seconds/minutes.

Differences Between GIMP and Photolemur

In addition to the characteristics point by point, here, we will see other aspects that differentiate one program from the other:

  • Hardware Requirements

If you are a hardware fan and you can afford to have everything up to date and better, then the fact that GIMP is lighter and does not require so many storage resources is not your problem.

  • Platform Support

Most designers use the Windows or Mac operating system and can use GIMP that is cross-platform. However, to use Photolemur is only available on Windows and Mac. Learn more here https://photolemur.com/blog/free-mac-photo-editing-software.

  • Feature Set

We will not discuss that in terms of features, Photolemur is the one that has the most. Although an alternative for GIMP is the community that is always creating a multitude of plugins to cover these shortcomings, so it is very likely that for many of the features that come in Photolemur, there is an add-on for GIMP.

  • Ease of Use

This is quite subjective. It is believed that with Photolemur, many tasks are easier to achieve, while with GIMP, a very steep learning curve is necessary.