Do this one thing to make money without using a penny of yours

Do this one thing to make money without using a penny of yours

Do you want to be rich? Well, who does not want to be rich? Everyone wants to be rich but you have a day job and all the money you earn go into your monthly expenditures. You do not have enough savings to start a business. What if there could be a way that would make you a lot of money without spending a single penny of yours? Welcome to the world of affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

To make it simple, in affiliate marketing you are selling others’ products by using a unique link given to you by the seller and making commission on every sale. Basically you are just selling products that you do not own and you do not have to buy to people who need them and making commission on every sale. So you are not spending a penny of yours.

How to start

You cannot make someone buy anything from you unless they trust you. You can build a blog and post useful and informational content. That way people would get to know about you and if your content is good and relevant to their issues, they would start to trust you. You could build a good reputation like that.

How to get more people to read your content

You must try to get your blog on the first page of Google by doing SEO, so that you can get more and more visitors. Try to aim for the people in your state or country first. If you are in Thailand, just do seo thailand only in the beginning.

How to make money

Once you are popular, just join an affiliate program. Start posting links that are relevant to your content and you trust. People who trust and need the product would buy it from your link and you will get the money.