The Characters of animated LEGO BATMAN® - The film

The Characters of animated LEGO BATMAN® – The film

A Warner Bros. Pictures released the biographies and new characters of the animated LEGO Batman® – The Film and. Meet a little more about Batman, Alfred, Harlequin, Batgirl, Joker, and Robin. The long premiere on 9 February 2017 in cinemas.

Meet the characters of animated LEGO Batman® – The Film

1. Batman

A vigilante who lurks in the night fighting crime, besides being a machine to make rap and heavy metal. Superhero. Master Builder. Batman is all this and more. Equipped with his utility belt armed with Batarangs, melee weapons, and many other useful inventions, in addition to his Batcave filled with advanced vehicles and costumes for any situation, Batman vowed to defend Gotham City forever from all thugs and villains. Batman always works alone. He also has a musical career – thanks for asking.

Geniality: 11/10
Bat-Fact: Think your roommate, Bruce Wayne, is a cool guy.


As the charming, attractive and wealthy chairman of the Wayne Industries, elected the most coveted bachelor of Gotham in, well, forever everyone who knows he desires Bruce Wayne. No one suspects that this seemingly quiet billionaire has a super secret identity. If you think he was a Superman.

Photogenic: 10/10
Bat-Fact: It never saw in the same place as the Man-Pipa.


Batman has always fought alone against the forces of injustice and evil, but now he has an ally. While Batman is quiet, serious and gloomy, Robin is noisy, enthusiastic and always excited to work with his favorite Superhero and new dad. Only time will tell if it is a misconception or a real Child Prodigy! Good intentions.

Skill Gymnastics: 10/10
Bat-Fact: When not fighting crime, Robin risk some dance steps and also practices a martial art based on fitness called gymkhana.


Sometimes a billionaire celebrity adopts a young orphan in an attempt to show off at a major gala event. It happens all the time, right? Well, Dick Grayson is this young man, and he does not believe in the luck he’s had with a dad as cool as Bruce Wayne, with a huge mansion just for him and his private butler. He can hardly wait to find out all about his new family and take his first picture with them.

Energy: Outstanding.
Bat-Fact: Maybe I have circus training.


Being a Super Hero is something new to her, but when it comes to fighting crime, Batgirl owes nothing to Batman.

It’s okay that they differ on their methods she believes in teamwork while he prefers to work alone, but his experience as a former cop and his willingness to protect Gotham City make her the perfect partner when things get tough and villains are Ruling. She can even teach the Dark Knight some things about arresting criminals.

Discipline: 10/10
Bat-Fact: It is known for capturing villains even before Batman can park the Batmobile.


Growing up as the daughter of the most famous police officer in Gotham City has secured Barbara Gordon’s experience in law and order. However, as much as she respects the experience and wisdom of her father, the proud Harvard Police Academy alumnus believes that a more modern style of crime fighting would be more beneficial to the city. Now that Jim Gordon is retiring, it’s time for a new Commissioner Gordon to make the streets, and for that, she wants to work with Batman.

Respect for Boondock: 0/10
Bat-Fact: He put on his uniform SWAT at graduation.


Jim Gordon dedicated his entire life to serving and protecting the citizens of Gotham City. He started out as a police officer, became a detective, and finally, Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department. After a long and celebrated work assisting with the city’s greatest superhero, Jim is finally ready to give up the bat signal’s button, retire and go on a safari in South Africa, but he feels safe leaving the job in hand Of his daughter.

Dedication: 10/10

Bat-Fact: He has the same mustache from his youth.


The smiling lunatic. The Clown Prince of Crime. Batman’s biggest enemy. It is how the Joker sees himself. With his white skin, green hair and a permanent smile, the insane leader of Gotham’s crime underworld made his life goal do away with the monotony of the city.

He may even break the law, but all he wants to do is make people smile and make Batman finally admit that he’s their biggest enemy. Is that more than a Supervillain.

Timing for Comedy: 10/10
Bat-Fact: Number of times the Joker succeeded dominating Gotham City.



Jovial, hateful and a bit evil, Harlequin is the primary partner, follower, and fan of the Joker. She is infinitely loyal to her favorite Little Pudding, becoming the only one in all Gotham City with whom he can count on to help him in his sinister plans. What if Harlequin can distract Batman enough to let the Joker escape? Even better!

Toxic Relationship: 10/10
Bat-Fact: Voted the most valuable player on your team Roller Derby.


Alfred has been the butler of the Wayne family for generations. Hard-working, resigned, and extremely loyal, he knows that it is his responsibility not only to keep the Wayne mansion and the Batcave clean and tidy but also to take care of his employer’s well being even if Batman does not agree. he is many ways, a paternal figure for Batman, always encouraging him to be a better person. Also, he prepares a lobster at the delicious Thermidor.

Loyalty: 10/10
Bat-Fact: It much more than a penny.


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The Characters of animated LEGO BATMAN® – The film

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