Ten stories of Dragon Ball that will surprise you

Ten stories of Dragon Ball that will surprise you

Dragon Ball more and alive than ever. Not only by the recent arrival of Dragon Ball #2 Compendium in our country but particularly by the imminent release of Dragon Ball Super or the upcoming release of Dragon Ball Fusions for 3DS.

Therefore, they do not stop succession wonders, stories, and links, both Akira Toriyama as other authors at the same universe of Dragon Ball and everything around it.

Here we present ten unique stories that you have probably never heard of Goku and his friends from the mythical series.

1. The name Kamehameha was no idea of Toriyama

I discussed on another occasion that Kame-hame-ha could be translated roughly as “wave Turtle” and that, in turn, referred to Kamehameha, a real historical figure who became the emperor Hawaii (hence the Hawaiian Mutenroshi t-shirts in the early chapters).

Well, the funny thing is that the name of this technique was not an idea of Akira Toriyama, but his wife, who told him he looked like fun. The names of all the other techniques we see in many anime were Toriyama-sensei’s idea, but it’s curious that the most iconic of all was not his thing.

2. The name of Goku means “grandson.”

There is no mystery to Japanese readers, but for the rest of mortals, it may come as a surprise. You know that’s full name is Goku Son Goku, right? Well, in Japan what is normal is to say first the last name and then the name of the people. Thus, Akira Toriyama is known as Toriyama Akira in that country, for example.

Therefore, “Son” is Goku’s last name. Depending on the kanji (ideograms) with a first or last name is written, it acquires a meaning or another. In the case of Goku, the ideogram “Son” (which we see in the suit Gohan at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z ) means “grandson.” And, remember, Goku had no relatives other than his grandfather at the beginning of history.

3. The saga cell enemies A-19 and A-20

You know that, after the saga of Freezer, the saga of Cell starts. The first new enemies to face (except the King Cold) heroes are the androids A-19 and A-20.

Toriyama’s original idea was that they were the main villains of this stage, but his editor told him to quickly devise new villains because he did not hook the main enemies were a “chubby” and an old man. In our opinion, he did well to correct that aspect.

4. The supers aiya nos are blond Because it is easier to draw like that

It seems that in designing the look of the supers aiya nos, Toriyama decided to make them work to save his experienced assistant, who lost a lot of time linking of black hair characters like Goku and Gohan.

Since most pages of Dragon Ball are black and white, the blond hair of the Super Saiyan did not require any “stuffing.”

5. The lead would Hercule created Dragon Ball now,

In an interview, the author raises how Dragon Ball would be if he created it now from scratch. As your perspective on things it has changed quite a bit, what you would like to create a manga mood and believes Mr. Satan, one of his favorite characters, would be the ideal to star in the adventure.

6. Goku would be a monkey

Before beginning to draw Dragon Ball, Toriyama created preliminary sketches to make concrete the appearance of the protagonists.

The first draft of Goku reflected as a very similar to Sun Wukong (the protagonist of Journey to the West, the Chinese story that inspired Dragon Ball) mono, but quickly discarded that idea for a human protagonist. To the third sketch, it came with the unique hairstyle of the hero.

7. The favorite Akira Toriyama

Akira Toriyama participated in a series of interviews for Dragon Ball Full Color, and one of them revealed what his favorite Android, or in this case bio-android: Cell! But it did not refer to the complete monster that we all know, but that Akira Toriyama felt a predilection for the second form of Cell, given its corpulence.

In fact, the sensei intended that this second transformation had a more important role in history, but his editor did not convince him at all, arguing that seemed stupid to hurry to turn in its perfect form.

8. How is called Mr. Satan? And his sick wife?

Dragon Ball

Akira Toriyama revealed that Mr. Satan is merely an alias combat because his real name is Mark, as you see it, without names, compound names, or anything like that, since it is a typical habit of the area where the interceptor lives. Furthermore, Hold on to the seat well, the name of the deceased woman was Mr. Satan Miguel!

9. Goku Black pink tint forgot in the manga

Dragon Ball

You know that manga and anime Dragon Ball Super harbor many differences between them, but perhaps one of the most talked about in recent times has to do with Goku Black.

We saw a new transformation in the anime called Super Saiyan Rose in the sleeve Toyotaro. Naturally, it transforms into Super Saiyan 2, the normal state that we all know! With what, it seems that the pink dye will only see it on television

10. Dragon Ball Super never tires of sparkling

Dragon Ball

Super Dragon Ball is a maker sparkle, not only to the previous stages of the level but also works as Batman v Superman and worship companies as Warner Bros. Studios. Without going further, in episode 73 of the series has performed a tribute to Dark Knight and Man of Steel, played by Mr. Satan and the Great Saiyaman, and all under the seal of quality Hata Bros. Studio, a Funny surrogate of the Warner. What will be next?

These are just ten stories, but the first two copies of Dragon Ball Compendium hide much more, plus interviews, tables, timelines, glossaries of techniques and a lot of interesting facts that every fan should know Goku. You can buy them for about 25 euros each in department stores and specialized bookstores.


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Ten stories of Dragon Ball that will surprise you

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