Suzuki Vitara 2017: Review

Suzuki Vitara 2017: Review

The Japanese automaker Suzuki launches in the market the new generation of the Suzuki Vitara 2017. The vehicle that will be available for the second fortnight of October in two models, six versions and two types of motorization: 4Sport (1.4T AT and 1.4T All Grip), 4You (1.6 AT and 1.6 AT All Grip) and 4All (1.6 MT / AT).

The models feature a start-stop engine, which automatically shuts off to save fuel and a 10 “multimedia system, Wi-Fi and cellular pairing. The following video shows the details. The Suzuki Vitara 4Sport equipped with the new 1.4L turbo engine, with 146 hp and 23.5 kgf.m of torque, associated with the six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters. The weight/power ratio of this version is 8 kg/hp.

About consumption, the Suzuki Vitara 4Sport has an average consumption of 12.8 km / l, with 12.01 km / l in the city and 13.67 km / l on the highway.

Suzuki Vitara Design

Suzuki-Vitara (7)

The New Suzuki Vitara 2017 has hood lines that invade the side. The ascending waist line goes to meet the fender, which is more full-bodied. The descending ceiling lines are aim at improving aerodynamic performance.

The headlights have a red outline. The vehicle also features fog lights and DRL, and there are details such as chrome air extractors, silver roof rack, vehicle color knobs, satin-finished mirrors and built-in flashing and 17 “Black Diamond wheels with 215/55 R17 tires.

The interior also seeks to sport sportiness. Several details received satin red finish, like the frames of the panels. The seats are finished in ultra suede and red seams, while the pedals are in aluminum and the vehicle also has digital and automatic air conditioning and seven airbags.

Suzuki-Vitara (6)

The air vents are round, with red satin contour. The vehicle is equipped with the 12-function onboard computer, parking sensor, front sensor and rear camera. The steering wheel is leather-trimmed with red stitching and has built-in audio controls, Cruise Control and Speed Limiter. With this function, you can program a speed, and the vehicle will not let you overtake it, which is ideal for driving in cities and avoiding traffic tickets. There is also the Keyless Push Push Start key and the start button.

The New Vitara is equipped with Auto Start-Stop system. In a stop of more than 3 seconds, at a traffic light, for example, the vehicle shuts off the engine, saving fuel and, just take the foot off the brake for the engine to run again.

Suzuki-Vitara (4)

The Vitara 4Sport is equipped with Hill Hold function, which prevents the vehicle from going backward on ramp departures, in addition to Hill Descent (HDS), which allows a smooth and controlled descent on steep slopes with slippery floors. The system, through ABS, automatically applies the brakes and keeps the vehicle at low speed.

The steering has electric assistance, which provides maneuverability and ease of driving on the road, thanks to the variable pitch, which makes it more direct in the center and reduced in the extremities, making maneuvers more agile and comfortable.

Suzuki Vitara: New multimedia system

Suzuki-Vitara (1)

The Suzuki Vitara multimedia hub has a 10 “large screen and tablet-like commands. It is possible to share the internet from the phone directly on the device and use applications such as Waze, YouTube, and Spotify, or use the device as a hotspot And provide wireless internet for all nearby devices.

It is also possible to mirror the phone itself through the Easy Connect function (compatible with CarPlay, AndroidAuto, and Mirror Link). With Android operating system, it has 16GB of internal memory, resolution of 1024x600px and three USB inputs to connect the most diverse devices.

The multimedia center has 10-band graphic equalizer, five RCA outputs, 22 W (RMS) power and allows you to connect accessories like DVR, front camera, Digital TV, among others.

Suzuki Vitara: Customization

Suzuki-Vitara (15)

The Vitara 2017 comes with the possibility of customization. In all, there are 22 color combinations between the body and the roof, and more than 53 accessories. In addition to the outside look, the Suzuki Vitara can receive an exclusive finish on the inside, be it in detail from the steering wheel, dashboard and console, up to the colors of the seats, depending on the version.

Suzuki Vitara All Grip

The All-Grip system, available in 4You and 4Sport versions, is a feature with four driving modes so that the driver can choose according to the conditions of the floor and the way he drives.

Suzuki-Vitara (12)

All Grip Total Grip technology incorporates an active safety standard. It controls not only the transmission of power to the wheels of the rear axle but also acts in conjunction with the engine, transmission, TCS (traction control) and ESP (steering stability) systems.

  • AUTO: provides greater fuel economy under normal use conditions and automatically changes from 2WD to 4WD, according to terrain needs;
  •  SPORT: acts on various vehicle systems, changes the gearshift point and engine torque characteristics. The system also transfers torque to the rear axle to promote better cornering performance, favoring a more sporty steering.
  • SNOW / MUD: Optimizes performance on low-adhesion floors such as snow, mud or other slippery surfaces. The use of this mode also controls the tendency to overtravel and undertray, making driving as steady as possible even on the most slippery floors.
  • LOCK (4WD): For off-road use on low grip floor and maximum capacity use to overcome slippery and uneven floors. This is possible through a constant high torque that is sent to all wheels (50/50) and the combined use of the traction control system.

Suzuki Vitara: Versions

Suzuki-Vitara (14)

The Vitara 4You and the Vitara 4All are provided with aluminum engine 1.6L, 126cv, and 16.7 kgf.m. In Vitara 4You, the gearbox is automatic six-speed and paddle shifters. It still offered with the All-Grip. The Vitara 4All has the option of the five-speed manual gearbox.

In all versions, the vehicles are furnished with McPherson front suspension and torsion rear axle. The brake system features ABS with EBD, BAS (Brake Assist) and BOS (Brake Override System).

Suzuki Vitara: Colors

Suzuki-Vitara (13)

The New Vitara will be offered in Blue Atlantis, Horizon Orange, Bright Red, Beige Savana, Cool White, Silver Silk, Galatic Gray and Cosmic Black. For the ceiling, the options are Silver, White, Red, Frosted Graphite and Black.

Suzuki Vitara 2017 – Consumption data for each version

  1. Vitara 4Sport: 12.00 km / l in the city and 13.70 km/ l on road
  2. Vitara 4Sport All Grip: 11.50 km / l city, 12.90 km/ l road
  3. Vitara 4All MT: 12.20 km / l in the city and 13.00 km/ l on road
  4. Vitara 4All AT: 11,60 km / l in the city and 13.20 km/ l on highway
  5. Vitara 4You: 11,60 km / l in the city and 13.20 km / l on road
  6. Vitara 4You All Grip: 11.50 km / l in the city and 12.90 km/l on road

Suzuki Vitara: Video


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Suzuki Vitara 2017: Review

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