Snapchat Offends India: 4 Best Alternatives to Snapchat for Indian User

Snapchat Offends India: 4 Best Alternatives to Snapchat for Indian User

As we all are well aware about the statement of Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel “India Is Too Poor, This App Is For The Rich People’, Waowtech India Supports all those users who have opposed this reaction and opinionated about this statement.

Waowtech brings you the top comments on the play store against snapchat and all those users who have rated one star to the app.

Snapchat being the market leader, Snapchat rating falls drastically on the Google Play store. Here we focus on few users whose comments are worth to tell Mr. CEO that India is not at all land of Poor’s.

1. Richness Cant just be Measured in terms of Money You have, India is rich within its culture. Snapchat CEO learn from it.

2. Indian’s are born with rich heritage of traditions and we can create many things beyond Snapchat. A wise statement from Mr. Bill Gates

3. An Invite to Snapchat CEO Mr. Evan Spiegel to visit India and feel its dynamism in every field of life.

4.  Namaste Mr. CEO of Snapchat

5. And yes here goes the another uninstall of the Snapchat app.


To all those user’s who have uninstall the app dont worry to go back to the worthless app who cannot respect our Country. Waowtech Brings you the Top 4 Best Alternatives to Snapchat to try on.

1. Wickr

An Instant Messenger app kick started in 2012, Wickr Pronounced as “Wicker” is best alternative app to snapchat with features likes volatile messages in the form of texts, pictures, videos, files and End to end encryption to manage your privacy and security. With Wickr you can send self destruct messages as similar as Snapchat. But the app has a different quality that makes it more special which is that Wickr Allows you to send media files to your connection without leaving any trace in your device.

This San Francisco based company is most reliable and secure service in IM available now. It’s really a commendable job to be reliable and secure in this age of cyber crimes

Application Download (iOS , Android)

2.  Slingshot

Second position in our list is taken by Application Called Slingshot. Developed by Facebook INC, Slingshot is appropriate alternative to Snapchat. Slingshot plays a different shot as compared to other apps, It is known to send temporary message but has an added feature of responding by creating and sharing cool, funky photos or videos of your own to your friends.

Designed with simple and minimalist interface slingshot works without any edges. Automated text to your friends is a cool feature of the slingshot app which is not present in snapchat. Security Wise, Slingshot is a decent app to try and supports iOS 7.0 or later and all android devices running on Android version 4.1 and up.

Availability: (Android, iOS)

3. Yovo

Yovo app comes as more polish version of Snapchat and Eliminates the insecurities of Data Privacy. While on snapchat a reciever can keep the information while taking screen shot and keep it in there archives. Whereas Yovo app elimibate this insecurity by sending  static distortion wave on the screen  that blurs out everything called ” D-Fence “. This makes it useless to take screen short as image will be distorted in nature. This App is currently optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus and is about to make its debut in Android Market.

Availability (iOS)

4. Clipchat

A so similar app that looks like it is a clone of Snapchat, Clipchat allows you to send self vanishing messages with simple-touch interface. What makes clipchat different from Snapchat is its very simple and Elegant interface. Clipchat is designed to send videos unlike other apps. Once you send a photo via ClipChat receiver first gets a blurred image which when downloaded its animation effects make it more clear. Clipchat works on high security parameters which let sender knows if the recievr has attempted to take screenshot in few high end phones. For Android it requires version 4.0.3 and up and for apple devices it requires iOS 7.0 or later.

Developed by Iddiction INC, Clipchat is a simple and engaging instant messenger that gives you a complete experience of volatile messaging.


Do try Best four Alternatives to Snapchat and Don’t forget to write your comments to let other user know your experience with the app. Waowtech will bring you the exclusive tech trends from all over the globe.


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Snapchat Offends India: 4 Best Alternatives to Snapchat for Indian User

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