FIFA 17 bet game that combines RPG elements with football and brings timid changes.

FIFA 17 is the new title of bestselling football franchise on the planet. Available for Xbox 360 , PS3 , Xbox One and PS4 , the game brings timid improvements and the debut of a new mode: The Journey, which features RPG elements and seeks reach a new audience for the game. Check out the review:

The famous ‘shy’ change in gameplay

Fifa Game play again changed little. Maybe it was the version that less can be seen a dramatic evolution in control of the game. However, this should not be seen as a negative, as in previous titles, the franchise had shown stability in the question by simply “cutting corners.”

In FIFA 17, the biggest difference is in relation to the passing and shooting system. Automatic least now it takes more precision in time to pass the ball to teammate or kicking towards goal. This makes the most complex games, requiring much of the player’s skill.

FIFA 17 shows Bayern Munich players in the capture process

The collision system and body ball dispute body has also evolved. No more life easy to steal the ball from an opponent, since it is not “rendered” as in previous versions. The same goes for when you have control of the ball. You can fight for it rather than simply losing it with a stronger entry.


The artificial intelligence of your players has also evolved. In FIFA 16 the impediment was something frequent in Fifa 17 do not be surprised if it does not have any in a match. That’s because your athletes behave better positioning and avoid all the time illegal position. The same goes for the defenders, who are organized to draw the famous line offside.

Visual “engine” new

FIFA 17 has a new graphics engine: the Frostbite, which is the same used in other titles of the franchise like Battlefield 1 and Star Wars: Battlefront . The realism of the games is even greater and animations, as replays and celebrations, won more detail and variety of scenes. The stadiums also form carefully refurbished in the game. Even with a range of almost 50 arenas, each one has its own peculiarities. Be the elements around the field, as in the stands and cheering. What about the games sites, although they are still far from resemble the reality of being in a crowded stadium, the virtual public does its part and interacts more with the game. Make the winning goal, at home and in addition, it is to ask that the stadium shake like an earthquake. Something beautiful to see.


The effects of light and shadow also evolved with the new engine. The brightness of the sunlight reflecting on a player enchants. The same goes for the shadows cast in matches at night. However, the game piece a bit in the visual during the rainy season, looking more interference on TV than a temporal true.

As for the players, continue following the popularity criteria. That is, the main superstars lawns, like Lionel Messi , Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar, have very similar features of real athletes. On the other hand, as this popularity is falling, the level realism falls together, it is difficult to find some little popular player with visual as close to true.


Blending RPG with football

The new mode of FIFA 17 is the highlight of this release. With RPG elements, the game seeks to create something no other football game (and even sport) managed to design before. And for that, the EA spared no effort. Brought athletes and personalities to compose the history of the game, besides counting with the help of Bio Ware , the company responsible for games like Mass Effect , where your decisions dictate the course of history. Everything revolves around Alex Hunter, a young talent that seeks its place amid the match football market. For this, Alex must face all sorts of challenges, from problems with his family, to rivalries and suspicions within the field. The way all of this is presented makes FIFA 17 is more than just a football game. May even reach a new audience.


Thinking about it, own EA Sports made this way is also a way to prepare the newcomers for your game. The idea is that the player evolve with Alex, and it presents elements of a homeopathic way, with limited performance to a set time, and skill training that grow gradually along with the athlete ‘s career.

Regarding RPG elements, it is worth remembering that throughout this journey you also choose which Alex skill you want to develop. Thus, you can choose your style of play and create a ball of conductor with precise passes, a gunner with an impeccable finish, or even a defender “wall” that does not miss anything.


The outcome really depends on how you conduct the Alex decisions. In our tests, we did the player had a more arrogant profile. Throughout history, increasingly Alex made his dislike of teammates and opponents, making the player enough “marrento”.

However, for casual players who do not play Fifa other modes besides the direct confrontations, The Journey is not the least bit attractive. That’s because the dialogues are long and often well clichés. There is an exaggeration to try to put a sentimentality that “not cola”, since the big draw is still the ball rolling.

New system set pieces

Another major change in FIFA 17 is in relation to the collection of set pieces. In the corners, there is now the possibility to drive where the ball is thrown. Simply move a cursor in the desired direction and run the crossing. In the absence of the wings, there is also this option. However, in both cases, the player can choose the traditional method. Still on the failures, there are also changes in the way they are designed. In other versions, the camera behind the collector followed the movement until his execution. Now, the same view remains until the move is completed. What, in some cases, cause confusion at the unexpected change of angle of this view.


As for the penalty shoot-were fully modified. Instead of placing a circle in the direction of where you want the ball to go, it is now necessary to move the direction of the cursor to one side, and the force with which the kick is executed will determine the height and power of completion. Although it seems quite complex at first, with time the player gets used to the system, but that was close to the actual.

Ultimate Team full of news

The famous FIFA Soccer letters so was the one who received more news. The principal of these is the way Cast Mounting Challenge. In it, you must gather your cards to meet a specific training, such as all players of a given team and with a certain degree of harmony. It makes you think twice before leaving discarding the cards that do not make up the main cast.

The FUT also won a number of new online competitions, including a large world with prize money. That’s right, now there will be the opportunity to qualify for the Ultimate Team Championship Series, which will take place along with the world famous FIFA Interactive Cup. For this, you must have a good position in the weekly rankings. Another great benefit is that you can win unique prizes according to their placement.

As for the other options remain intact. Both the Draft Mode as the Single Player competitions are the same as the previous version. As the navigation menus of your team organization, buying players, etc.

So almost intact Career

The famous FIFA Career Mode also features a few significant improvements. As a player, there are changes in the athlete interface. Now there is more information about the world around them, as hiring companions and match results of the disputed championship.
With the ball rolling, everything continues as before. You need to perform feats on the field to increase your score at the end of the match. Its allies remain a sort of subordinates. Just press the pass button to give the mate a way to pass the ball, independent of their position (with strong marking or even prevented). Thus, the best option is still to control the whole team and make your athlete is privileged in play.

As a coach, there are some new aggregate. Including the customization of your character. Although it is limited to a few faces and three types of clothing, characterization and presence of the same on the side of the field, make the most real environment and create an approach to his team.
Already the performances of the scouts and the hiring of players remain very similar to FIFA 16. The option to specialize a scout in a certain type of player helps a lot in time to find an athlete for a particular position / function. But the way it occurs is still slow, even when his team figure at the top of the league and collects good results.

23 Brazilian clubs with generic rosters

For us Brazilians, FIFA 17 brings something new that appeals: the presence of 25 national clubs. In addition to all the teams in Series A of the Championship except for Flamengo and Corinthians . The game also brings the teams of the series B: Avai Criciuma, Goiás, Joinville and Vasco.

The problem is that, so far, all these clubs have generic rosters. That is, players who do not exist and are far from being similar to the real athletes. The good news is that EA promised an update soon that will put the athletes in their current clubs. Remember, the same problem occurred in FIFA 16 and was corrected weeks later.


FIFA 17 changes little to keep the winning formula that makes the main title of the genre. Improvements in game play leave the game more dynamic and require more of the player’s skill. As for the graphics receive the new engine with open arms and provide a visual evolution. The inclusion of The Journey mode is a bet that paid off and that can come to conquer a new audience.

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