Overwatch Game: Review

Overwatch Game: Review

Overwatch is the new venture of powerful Blizzard, popularly known company to produce games of RPG and strategy. The bet on the traditional FPS genre worked, bringing a simple title to play and efficient in technical requirements for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The new venture that worked

When it was declared, Overwatch divided fans of the company and other players. On the one hand distrust of who was accustomed to fancy titles and always carry an RPG footprint or strategy. On the other, those who bet their chips on the quality of the production work.


The truth is that even the most confident they had their fears. After all, we are talking about a genre that established franchises like Counter-Strike, Battlefield, and Call of Duty, which also is one of the best selling products of history in the entertainment industry.

When the beta was finally released, all were able to see the incredible work applied to Overwatch. The result came with the significant number of more than 9.7 million players around the world, a record for the company and a relieved breath who once again put a title among the great names of history.

Dynamic matches that please both beginners and veterans

Overwatch brings multiplayer games of two teams with six characters each. The objectives in each match vary from protecting a load to your destination point, to take and defend certain points of the scene, such as the famous mode Capture the Flag – between traditional FPS.


These clear and straightforward goals cause the game to be attractive even to those who are not accustomed to the genre. First by not following the traditional knockout where wins who more opponents down, then to create a dynamic where you have to decide – alone or with your team – which task requires greater relevance within the combat.

And to complete the package, Brazilian players have dedicated servers. That is, one of the big problems in this kind of games, lag is not present in Overwatch. So ask for that friend who always blames his performance in the game response time fix another excuse.


Celebrities and their particularities

Another attraction of Overwatch is the particularity of each of the 21 characters divided into four categories.Are they:

Offensive – Characters with a higher potential to the front line of your group. Much of their skills are geared toward confrontation and are faster than the others.


Defensive – are characters suitable to defend a certain perimeter. Their skills often cause great harm and have a larger area of action.

Tank – Characters biggest and toughest whose function is to lay waste all around. Some also have defensive skills. Because of their size, they are the slowest among the cast.

Support – are characters whose purpose is to ensure the life of your allies in combat. His skills involve energy recovery, resuscitation, and even temporary improvements.

Even within each of these classes, the feature remains. It ‘s hard to find a character who has similar skills and characteristics to another. The game has a unique dynamic, you need to know much of the cast to find out which one will fit best within team’s strategy.


Balanced skills

The big difference of Overwatch to traditional FPS is your mechanical skills. Thanks to it, you can create endless strategies within a match. All this in a balanced way in which hardly a character has an advantage over another.

This balance should be highlighted, as in most of the games it ends up favoring one or another character.Overwatch can make each of the 21 characters has advantages and disadvantages that balance matches, making the player’s skill is the ultimate weapon to conquer the goals.

It is interesting to see how characters support, for example, can be as attractive and efficient as offensive.Even if your skills are in good part dependent on the participation of its allies, is not an arduous and monotonous task control them and have to live with it.


The special moves also contribute significantly to this. Junket, for example, has a deadly wheel that can be guided to a group of enemies and detonated next. However, during the execution of the skill, the character becomes vulnerable, and his death cancels the effect of the blow. This makes this movement to be efficient and at the same time compromising the team.

Nice visual in place of extreme realism

In the visual part of the game, as well as in most of their games, Blizzard chooses to create a pleasant environment, and that fits with the proposal of the match, and not opt for a relentless pursuit of realism. In other words, instead of scenarios and characters very similar to what we see in our daily lives, there are heroes and villains with a cartoonish footprint and environments that follow the same path.


There are references to the real world at all times. Be in stages that take place in Hollywood, Mexico, Greece, and Japan, to characters that look like real figures, such as Soldier 76, Tracer and Hanzo. Of course, all this comes with a healthy dose of humor, as often happens in the movie animations.

Thus, Overwatch enchants showing that the visuals do not like only when it seeks to be realistic. You can still acclimatize one game in scenarios where the texture blends with the real without losing its essence: a fantasy.

Reference in dubbing

At a time when 90% of the games come located in Brazil, still, live with issues regarding dubbing of games.There are games that instead of pleasing with dialogues in our language, just away from the player because of a botched processor with the presence of professionals who are not used to this kind of work.


Overwatch can be useful on this ongoing problem. Although the game does not count on long dialogues, the few lines were produced on top of the main dubbing names in the country. The result is a work that enchants and gives pride.

In this speech, there are references to songs of Roberto Carlos, modern slang and the world of games, and even some words. Although it might seem rude, the way they are included in the game make is natural and healthy and just a complement to the fun



Overwatch surprises and enough to make history. With addictive gameplay, a look that enchants and mechanics that make it the only game, the title not only arrives to meet with games enshrined in the genre, but to become a reference among the FPS. Required for all who still associate games with fun.

Overwatch – Review


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Overwatch Game: Review

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