Netflix: Valentine Day movies available now

Netflix: Valentine Day movies available now

It’s Valentine ‘s Day, that day of the year especially designed for couples to celebrate their love, while others see it as little more than an invention of the shopping centers to improve their sales. Whatever your case, the truth is that it is an ideal time to enjoy a good romantic film, whether or not it ends happily and keep your feet in the reality or opt for a story of fantastic cut like those we recommended yesterday

It’s simple to choose one without even having to leave the house. Below we leave you a selection of romantic films available on Netflix. For the selection we have chosen to choose complementary proposals instead of just going to the best movies, looking for options for all tastes. Simply put, let’s go with them.

1. Netflix: Blue Valentine

Netflix-blue valentine

Nothing is advisable for those who want a small dose of Hollywood-style romantic happiness since this is a very successful portrait of a love story that, yes, shows the first passion, but also how it degrades without embellishment of any kind, Including Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams – much more imperfect than usual.

2. Netflix: Adventureland

netflix-adventure land

The first of the three films that have teamed up with Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart remains the best to date. The unique setting in an amusement park gives it a special charm, shining the treatment of the previous stage to reach maturity and the remarkable drawing of the characters so that what we have seen many times know again.

3. Netflix: High Fidelity

An excellent adaptation of the novel by Nick Hornby that allows us to meet Rob Gordon ( John Cusack ), a passionate list that decides to make one of the five breaks that affected him most after breaking with Laura. A movie with a unique charm, those that leave you with a smile when you finish seeing them, and you can see again and again without ever getting tired. I also look at its great distribution and the extraordinary use of music.

4. Netflix: Begin Again

A delightful little delight that knows how to orient its touch more commercial with another more personal without never getting to unbalance. The fantastic use of music, how inspired some scenes are – especially memorable is one in which he literally feels her music – and the remarkable chemistry between Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightley are its large weapons.

5. Netflix: Letter from an Unknown Woman

A man receives a letter from a woman he no longer remembers with whom he had a relationship in the past who meant everything to her. An intense drama that perfectly captures the strength of those Platonic or impossible loves that we have all had. If you add the talent and sensitivity of Max Ophuls to illustrate the emotions we have a tape as extraordinary as beautiful, as passionate as painful.

6. Netflix: Bringing Up Baby

Perhaps the movie that best represents the American screwballs with a dizzying rhythm and a dot of madness that functions as the axis of the story of a paleontologist whose life turns up a wealthy young woman who has just met. I do not finish connecting with her as much as many moviegoers, but the duo formed by Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn works wonderfully and it never hurts to see.

7. Netflix: Chasing Amy

I confess that I am afraid to see her again and fall apart, but at the time I enjoyed this Kevin Smith bet for a more sensitive story rather than just relying on her usual jokes, also present but in a more dosed form. It was the first time I thought that Ben Affleck could give us great performances if the role were right, and even if it was just there’s a lot more that’s why I can not put it down.


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Netflix: Valentine Day movies available now

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