Hybrids airplanes and dragons: the work of Alice Bruder

Hybrids airplanes and dragons: the work of Alice Bruder

Alice Bruderer two lives. During the day she works as an industrial designer in California Honda’s office, creating concepts for future vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, and snowmobiles. But in the evenings, when you can immerse yourself in the free creativity, her drawings appear the strange monsters and unexpected hybrid aircraft and lizards, snakes and submarines. As if all that on which Alice was thinking so hard during the day, comes to life – and reveals a wolfish grin.

At first, I believed to do something related to aviation and space engineering, Airplanes and Dragons: Alice Bruderer. But then I realized that this is not for me, I was in need of creativity. So industrial design turned out to be the perfect combination of both. After all, it is important to bear in mind the appearance and functionality of those things which you work.

Air Planes

This dragon of the modern world: fast, strong, feeding on the “inner fire.”
airplanes and dragons (1)

Alice Found a reception equally good looks and submarines during the First World War and with the intergalactic starships last.

airplanes and dragons (9)

In Honda’s Alice in the studio “Design the Future from the help of Dragons and Airplanes” The aim of the studio – to try to look into the distant future, and to offer ideas and concepts that will sound like the company’s products. Almost nothing of what occupied by young designers will turn into the real thing and will not even be shown to the public. But their affair – and seek to inspire the development direction.

Hunter monsters: Beast Hunter

The concept of an electric bike for long endurance races on the road to the deaf. In the words of Alice, “day – archaeologist at night – Hunter Kriptidov.

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Most of his own “night” of creative works of Alice in no way connected with the fact that she does in the Honda, but a source of inspiration for them, of course, one. “Those discipline teachers work to which industrial designer, is visible in the fact that I paint for myself – Alice explains. – I do not think that some part of my life, “day” and “night,” I like more than the other. They interpenetrate each other, and to me, it is important to maintain this balance in itself.

Airplanes and Dragons: typical intakes on the nose and belly of the beast

An issue concealed within the scramjet – like prospective US missile Boeing X-51 or Russian X74-M2.

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Works Alice usually arise from some stories. She invents worlds, concepts, and characters having fun in their spare time, and then shows them settling amazing creatures. In addition to the design, it is interested in biology, paleontology, nanotechnologies and military history, and that reflected in her work.

“It would be easy to connect the machine with birds or mammals, but I think that scale, naked, like a segmented body reptiles better with mechanics, – says Alice. – However, not all the mechanisms I have obtained similarly to reptiles. Steam locomotive, for example, joined the horse’s traits and insect and motorcycles often resemble deer and gazelles.

airplanes and dragons (5)

But the most “bestial” in their appearance cars young designer said planes. They are elongated, streamlined, like sharks, birds, and pterosaurs. Alice sees them as dragons in the world today: rapid, strong feeding on the “inner fire.” It a mixture of horror and beauty, as well as the dragons of the ancient myths. “They’re not cold-blooded, – said Alice,” Popular Mechanics. ” – Even the dinosaurs, according to recent research scientists, were not completely cold-blooded. And both of them need a lot of energy to fuel their strong muscles in flight. ” And indeed, despite the similarity with the scaly reptiles, biomechanical monsters Alice Bruderer – scalding stuff.

airplanes and dragons (1)

Super vehicle or ship Su-47 with forward-swept wing did not go in the series but left a far-reaching impression. No wonder the figure Alice “Berkut” was hot bats.

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Hybrids airplanes and dragons: the work of Alice Bruder

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