How to solve the mobile phone issue takes a long time to charge the battery?

How to solve the mobile phone issue takes a long time to charge the battery?

One of the most successful searches by smartphone owners on Google is ” the mobile phone takes a long time to charge the battery .” If you are one of these people, this post will help you solve your problem, which in addition to harming the user, is incredibly annoying, having to wait hours for your smartphone to be charged. Not always is this slowness typical, in fact, there is probably some problem that is preventing your mobile phone from charging regularly. Check below for some possible solutions to your problem.

The mobile phone takes too long to load: Tips to solve

The mobile phone takes a long time to load: Uploader problems

The first thing to do when a smartphone is slow to charge is to make sure that the power source and the power cord are in good condition. If you have the habit of bending or twisting the cable, it may be damaged. Another possibility is that the energy source you chose is not the right one. The Chargers have different capacities, and a weak charger will take longer to charge your battery. Use the charger that came with your phone; it is most appropriate for the handset. Portable chargers, the USB port on the computer or the car will also cause slow loading.

It makes sure the problem is not your charger, try using another more powerful charger. If you use another one and the problem is solved, just replace it with another original from your smartphone. Avoid the unknown marks and replicas, which can even damage your smartphone.

Mobile phone takes a long time to load

Charge your smartphone to an outlet not being used by other equipment; only your charger plugged into this outlet. Try using a different outlet, as it may be that the outlet you were using is in trouble. If this works, then the problem is neither with the charger nor with the smartphone, just with the power outlet.

After making sure that the problem is neither with the charger nor like the outlet, the problem may be even from the smartphone. It may be defective or badly damaged by the battery connector if your device is old. Go to a service to make an assessment on your device.

Tips to charge the mobile phone battery faster

1 hour: Leave your mobile phone charging for at least 1 hour, before that time it is impossible for the mobile phone to get a satisfactory cost.

Turn on airplane mode: Wi-Fi and 3G connections continue to work even when you’re not surfing the Internet, and they spend a lot of energy.

 Turn off your smartphone: Even more efficient than the airplane mode is to completely turn off your phone while charging, as the screen brightness and internal operation expend power from the mobile phone while charging, preventing faster charging.

Do not use your phone: If you can not turn the phone off or on the airplane because you are waiting for a call or message, you can still close all the applications that are running in the background, demanding power from your smartphone.

Does your mobile phone not charge?

If the battery completely discharged, it may take several minutes for the device to start charging. The battery needs to charge up to a minimum voltage so the system can boot, and this may take a few moments. Wait 1 hour and then try turning your smartphone on again.

Not yet uploaded? Try to press the on/off button for 2 minutes or until the device restarts with it connected to the charger and the power outlet. Then wait a few moments and check that it still does not load.

If you have tried all the above procedures and nothing has worked, you will need to refer the machine for service.

Your mobile phone charge but does not turn on?

Let the device charge for at least 1 hour, then try to turn it on. If this does not work, seek technical assistance.

Mobile phone heats up when charging

It is normal for the device to become warmer while charging, but overheating is dangerous for your smartphone. Check out some tips on reducing the heat while charging your phone’s battery:

Remove the case/case while charging, as it may heat up your smartphone, Close the applications that are running in the background, because when they are in the background the level of processing decreases, but they continue to consume energy.

Adjust the Adaptive Brightness, it will oscillate depending on the environment you are in and will prevent your smartphone from getting hotter while charging;

Ambient heat: Stay alerted to room temperature because it can also make your device warm up, the warmth of your hands move to the instrument. One tip is to leave the smartphone charged with a fan aimed at it, as it will refresh the environment and the smartphone itself.

App to check mobile phone temperature: Coolify


The Coolify application is intended to prevent mobile overheating. With it, you can always monitor the temperature of your device. It is indicated during recharging to evaluate the heat of the appliance.

Download: Coolify for Android

Check out the features of the Coolify app:

  • Cooling: Record with date and time of the moments when the app “cooled” the device;
  • Settings: Find options to start the service, display the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, activate the notifications and register the Logs in the instrument;
  • Background: Modify the background color or insert an image from the gallery (last square);
  • Upgrade: Check for updates with one touch.


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How to solve the mobile phone issue takes a long time to charge the battery?

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