How to get a zone assistive touch floating menu with the Android app

How to get a zone assistive touch floating menu with the Android app

Due to the variety of Android devices, we have a lot of tools and applications that make life easier for us every day. Many terminals integrate factory shortcuts, gestures and all kinds of actions to facilitate navigation within the system, either by having a vast screen or, as in the case of LG that has the button on the back, which allows you Turn the terminal on and off with a double tap on display. One of the advantages of this operating system, that also if you do not have any such tool preinstalled on your mobile, you can find one to your liking in any application store.

In this case, we will analyze an application of this type, which allows you to create a free menu with basic shortcuts of zone assistive touch, such as the return, access to the multitasking, go to the beginning, the settings, and so on. An option enough liked by users of MI U I, the layer of customization that has this option that becomes very useful on devices with large screens, which makes it easier to navigate when using the device with one hand. It is a free application, yes, with options limited to your version of pay, but nothing to worry about with free tools is more than enough to use the open button.

Zone Assistive Touch

zone assistive touch

The name of the application we mentioned zone assistive touch. We can download it, for free as we mentioned, from the Google Play Store ( zone assistive touch ), and if you convinced you can do with the paid version. It is a pretty good application to which we simply have to grant accessibility permissions, All the past the free button that will make us appear a menu. We can customize the quick settings that look by options such as turning on the flash, take a screenshot, lock the screen, open the camera and more. We will even have a small section with the date and time below the notification bar, which if we do not want it to appear, we can deactivate it in the application settings.

It is an application that is still in English, but its vocabulary is simple as well as an interface, so you will not have to worry about it. Also, it is quite light compared to the great accessibility tool that provides us.

If your device is quite vast and difficult to use with one hand, this application could serve you well. And if you are looking for applications with tools for your Android device, we invite you to visit the ones we have analyzed for you.

Google Play Store | Zone AssistiveTouch


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How to get a zone assistive touch floating menu with the Android app

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