Halo Wars 2: Analysis the resurrection of strategy in consoles

Halo Wars 2: Analysis the resurrection of strategy in consoles

Halo Wars 2 is Microsoft’s third-biggest single for Xbox One of 2017 and the first to wait for them to land ‘Crackdown 3’ and ‘Sea of Thieves.’ It is a time to celebrate, of course, something that will surely agree with those who came across the first ‘Halo Wars’ at the time.

He tiptoed through the Xbox 360 catalog and ended up becoming a cult game on his own merits. A cusp that now points to this ‘Halo Wars 2’ recovering its clear strategy and expanding it with a few surprises.

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The good strategy

One of those games of ‘Starcraft’ that stretch unnecessarily, more for pride than for lack of superiority against the enemy. The situation controlled to the maximum and the only thing left to do is to attack with everything to win and close the crossover. The doorbell rings. There is a gas leak, and you have to make the street.

That at that moment I considered for a moment ” I’m going, or I finish? “Says a lot of the hitch that can end up generating a strategy game, that need to build your little empire gradually, to create a useful and beautiful ecosystem at the same time.

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I would like to say that Halo Wars 2 game has some of that charm, at least in spirit, but if the sensations with the game go the other way is precise because of the game, like its predecessor, takes not few secondary roads to simplify the formula.

Here we could fall into the worst when we want to say different, but it is not a mistake that we are going to commit because if something does with mastery ‘Halo Wars 2′ is to adapt a genre to what is best for the game, Combat instead of a resource.

Halo Wars 2: RTS on consoles

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Understanding how the game faces that task is very easy, even if you have not played the first one. The primary system leaves us with a base with different adjacent holes in which we can build the different buildings available, from which we will create and improve units to which will allow us to accumulate the two resources we will need to do so.

It will not be necessary to use villagers to collect (although there are groups of resources dispersed by the map that we can receive passing them) and will not have to worry about the increase of our village with buildings (there are a maximum of six structures to build ) Because all will be glued to our main base, so everything is focused on using what we accumulate in our favor.

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Halo Wars 2: Analysis the resurrection of strategy in consoles

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