Five Bluetooth headsets if you do not want to wait for Apple Airpods

Five Bluetooth headsets if you do not want to wait for Apple Airpods

A while ago we talked about the Apple Airpords, the signature premiere of the bitten apple on the ground of wireless headphones, in this case with Bluetooth connectivity. A model that despite what was expected, has not yet reached the market which has caused many opt not to wait for their exit and look for alternatives.

In this sense, in the market, we can find many and varied models of Bluetooth headsets, even more, attractive models than Apple Airpods and as in the case of these, with a price not very affordable for all budgets. So if you are waiting for some an attractive and you have exhausted your patience, here we leave you several models that can be an interesting alternative.

Models like Apple’s Airpods, make use of Bluetooth headsets connectivity to connect to our smartphone and that has a battery to charge them quickly.

1. Samsung Gear IconX: Bluetooth headsets

Samsung Gear IconX

We start with one of the most exciting models that come signed by Samsung and is that the Gear IconX are the proposal without cables of the Korean manufacturer but that besides being used to listen to music can also be used to measure our activity thanks to the synchronization with Samsung S Health.

Compatible with iOS and Android from version 4.4, have a recharge battery that offers autonomy for up to two full loads. Regarding the life of these without having to charge them, we can use them an hour and a half as Bluetooth headphones use and three times if they are used as a monitor of physical activity.

2. Earin

Earin-bluettoh headsets

An Earin Bluetooth headsets may the siblings of the Samsung proposal. It is headphones of design that have a development via Kickstarter, and as in the case of the previous ones, they offer an excellent quality of sound in a reduced size.

Headphones that have an autonomy of up to two hours and that have an external battery that can recharge them up to three times. To improve the fit has added a set of ear stabilizers and are controlled thanks to the app Earing, which makes them compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows 10 Mobile. Some headphones that can be found by on Amazon.

3. Motorola VerveOnes +

Motorola VerveOnes +- bluetooth headsets

They boast IP57 protection making them resistant to sweat and splashing, such as the Samsung Gear IconX, so that it is an ideal model for swimmers. The common patterns of the VerveOnes are the same, but without the resistance to water.

The Motorola VerveOnes + are compatible in operation with Siri and Google Now, offering autonomy of up to three and a half hours with the option of recharging them with your battery in just 90 minutes up to almost four times. The Motorola VerveOnes + we can find them for 256 euros on Amazon or if we want something cheaper, the VerveOnes variant that has no water resistance.

4. Was up Apollo 7

Was up Apollo 7

Very similar in the forms to the Earin, the erató Apollo 7 have a somewhat higher price, as they claim for a higher quality of sound. Advertising or not the truth is that include as above, several pads to fit as closely as possible to our ear.

They are water resistant headphones , offering a range of up to three hours without having to make use of the charging battery, which offers up to two full recharges. The first Apollo 7 can be found on Amazon.

5. Bragi Dash

Bragi Dash

Bragi Dash are another alternative to wireless headphones with these Bragi. A model that has unique options such as the “Audio Transparency” setting that allows the filtration of ambient sound so that we perceive more clearly noise of our source.

The Bragi Dash is equipped with 32-bit ARM processors and includes up to 4 GB of memory for storing music (up to 1000 songs in MP3 and AAC format). In addition they incorporate two types of microphone, the main one of which is based on vibration and Second is environmental.

The headphones feature a 100 mAh lithium battery that guarantees about four hours of active life. If they are in standby mode the battery can last about 250 hours.

These headphones have the ability to interact with them through audio instructions in several languages and are compatible with Google Fit, Apple Watch, and Apple Health Kit. We can find them on Amazon.


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Five Bluetooth headsets if you do not want to wait for Apple Airpods

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