• Monday , 8 August 2022

Don’t miss these five important cybersecurity practices!

It takes years to gain the trust of consumers. It only takes a small data breach to lose it all. That’s the importance of cybersecurity in short. Businesses have lost millions to data breaches, and often, the nature of breach was not even serious when compared to other cases. For example, if your company is using IP-based video surveillance systems, chances of getting cameras hacked is huge. The stolen data is often sold off, or in worse cases, companies are blackmailed into paying a ransom.  These risks apply to all network and IT resources, ranging from cameras and servers, to devices and beyond. 

What are some of the best cybersecurity practices? We have a quick list that every company can use. 

    • Update software, firmware and apps. Developers and manufacturers often offer security updates on their products, and it is absolutely necessary to ensure that all software & firmware are updated on a regular basis. 
    • Focus on access management. Businesses often tend to forget that employees are the weakest link when it comes to data breaches, and therefore, their access rights have to be evaluated, changed, and altered from time to time. 
    • Use strong passwords. This one step can change the level of security within an organization. Ensure that default passwords on all devices are changed immediately, and use strong passwords, which are at least 12 characters long, have special characters, uppercase & lowercase letters. 
    • Test your networks and IT resources. Even the servers, networks and video surveillance systems are prone to hacking, and all such resources have to be checked and tested for. If your in-house IT team doesn’t seem to be capable, you can consider hiring an ethical hacker. 
    • Use multi-factor authentication. This basically means using a second form of authentication beyond the password. Consider adding security in form of fingerprints, voice, security question and so on, so that password hacking attempted can be prevented. 
  • Watch out for malware. Malware and phishing attacks can compromise with your systems and IT resources, so make sure that you are using some form of malware protection. Use firewalls, antivirus and antimalware software programs, and don’t compromise on the features. 

Finally, get your people involved. Cyber security course in hyderabad is for the entire organization, and everyone must have a proactive stance towards it. You have to find ways to make people accountable for the things they do at workplace and how they access company resources. It is a collaborative effort – make cybersecurity count.