Apple TV 4K: It will release this year

Apple TV 4K: It will release this year

Tell the truth: The least you can expect from a new Apple TV 4K is that it supports content in 4K resolution, does not it? For, according to Bloomberg, that is exactly what will happen in 2017, other new rumors.

A new Apple TV is being tested by Apple. Code-named J105, the set-top box is capable of playing 4K content with more vivid colors – who knows with the addition of HDR support1 -, according to people within the matter. But the question that does not want to be silent is: is “just” enough to make the product a success?

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Apple TV 4K is far from being a failed device; On the other hand, is also far removed from that Utopian dream. As people have argued a lot in the last two episodes of MacMagazine on Air ( #216 and # 217 ), has a reason: the idea was to create a product that would replace the set-top boxes of TV operators. One of the prototypes of the fourth-generation Apple TV 4K, for example, had an input for coaxial cable for the user to plug everything into Apple’s set-top box and control their TV through a built-in interface and thought the least detail for the designers/engineers of the company. Apple would then charge some form of users and part of that revenue would be shared with the cable and media companies.

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Plan B involved creating a service that would leave free users to set up their channel packages (without paying for channels you do not see, as it happens today). The content would be the result of an agreement between Apple and the four largest content providers in the US (this would be the catalog available on the service as well as movies and TV on demand) and would cost between $ 30-40 per month. The agreement, unfortunately, did not come and each side, of course, has its excuses/reasons).

Another possibility of giving up on the product was to provide a game controller (as reader Gustavo Salume commented in the emails of the last podcast) to “compete directly” with Xbox, PlayStation and other consoles – something that did not happen either.

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With fourth-generation Apple TV 4K, we won an app store and Siri support, which undoubtedly improved the experience a bit. But it stayed in that. According to an Apple employee who remained anonymous for obvious reasons, Apple TV became an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary product (a discourse the company used both internally and externally). And let’s face it: if these ideas that I came up with were even implemented, we would have a truly differentiated product.

Apple TV 4K has long been seen by the company as a hobby. And although I disagree with much that analyst Gene Munster (ex-Piper Jaffray, now Loup Ventures) has already talked about the product (he, for example, predicted that Apple would launch a 50-55-inch TV Instead of a set-top box ), I have to agree with the statement he made:

The company does not report the number of Apple TV 4K marketed in a fiscal quarter, but the CFO2 of Apple said at the last financial event that sales fell, yes; And although it is not a product that weighs heavily on the company’s finances, strategically it is very important to compose the services – which the company plans to double in a few years.


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Apple TV 4K: It will release this year

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