Apple iPhone 3D touch smarter shortcuts ideas 

Apple iPhone 3D touch smarter shortcuts ideas 

If you just bought an iPhone 6 or 7 or if you forgot how 3D Touch might be useful, we’re here to help. Here are some of the smarter shortcuts thanks to Apple iPhone pressure-sensitive technology. Tap and hold on your iPhone screen, and all these options will open for you.

Download the most important apps first

When you are downloading an application, you will see this icon appear as a timer on your screen. To prioritize a download, and place it in front of the queue of requests currently being installed, use 3D Touch on the icon and choose Prioritize Download.

Get more details of a Uber notification in Apple iPhone

The best uses of 3D Touch is to expand the notifications and get more information without having to open them for real, do it in a Uber alert and you will get information on the location of the driver and the option to send a message.

Apple iPhone 3D touch shortcuts changing the intensity of the flashlight

apple iphone 3d-touch-2

An iOS Control Center is packed with Apple iPhone 3D Touch shortcuts waiting to be discovered and used, including one for the Flashlight icon, letting you choose from three different levels of light intensity: low, medium, and high.

Apple iPhone 3D touch bring your control cursor on the keyboard

This is always useful when you need to navigate carefully through text blocks: tap the iOS keyboard anywhere, and it will turn gray, which means you can use your finger to adjust the cursor position in the text.

Find your preferred contacts quickly

Apple iPhone 3d-touch-3

While other older iPhones work well without Apple iPhone 3D Touch, they lack some useful tricks, such as the short list of contacts you often communicate with that appears with a touch of 3D Touch on the Phone icon.

View links in Safari

Browsing the internet on your cell phone is not as easy as it is in a full-sized browser, but Apple iPhone 3D Touch makes life easier for you: with a light touch on a link in Safari, you can preview the page without having to enter it. It is one of the best visualization uses of 3D Touch.

View links in the Google search app

The same technique can be used if you have the Google search application installed on your mobile phone, try it to preview pages and map links. You can also use 3D Touch on icon G at the bottom to do a new search.

Clear your notifications at once

Notification control has improved too much on newer versions of iOS, and you can use by 3D Touch to clear all the alerts at once, just need a firm grip on the top-of-the-center X notifications. This instantly cleans them all.

Apple iPhone 3D touch to choose the right camera mode

Apple iPhone 3d-touch-3

Rather than tinkering with camera mode every time you open the Camera application, you can save time with a 3D Touch on the Camera app icon. Then from the Settings app, press Photos & Camera and Keep Settings & Camera Mode to On to remember your choice. Now you’re never going to open your camera again in video mode again.

Apple iPhone 3D touch shortcuts available to get directions in Apple Maps

Google Maps on Android may have a tool to instantly give directions to your home, Apple Maps which has improved significantly and it has a 3D Touch shortcut available for the secure grip on the application icon (this if you have placed the directions to Your home in your Contacts).

Mark your location in Apple iPhone with the help of 3D touch 

There are many other functions accessible by 3D Touch in Apple Maps, but the favorites are the quick and easy way to check where you parked your car, for example. Use 3D Touch in Maps on the home screen and choose ” Check my location ” when you are near your vehicle.

Go back in time

You can create your versions of Facebook’s “On That Day” with a touch of 3D Touch in the Apple Photo app, choose One Year Behind the options that appear to see an image 12 months ago.

Apple iPhone 3D touch notifications for an app

Apple iPhone 3d-touch-7

A novelty of iOS 10 is the ability to access a folder to view notifications of an application without having to open the folder. Use 3D Touch in a folder containing an app with an alert on it, and the option of going straight to the application that needs your attention.

Get your favorite messages on WhatsApp

You would expect that all Apple applications have 3D Touch shortcuts, but many applications from other companies also have. A light touch on the WhatsApp icon brings an alternative to your started messages.

Apple iPhone 3D touch to view images on Instagram

Another useful way you can use the combination of light, and faint touch offered by 3D Touch is on Instagram. Tap any thumbnail to see a larger version, then press harder to jump to the image. It’s a quick preview version of MacOS on your phone.

Improve your skills in Grand Theft Auto

One of the games that support Apple iPhone 3D Touch is Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. It works well without the 3D Touch, but you can use a dark touch to start running when you’re walking or making tighter curves when you’re driving.


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Apple iPhone 3D touch smarter shortcuts ideas 

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