• Sunday , 2 October 2022

3ResumeFormats to Use When Writing a Resume

Formatting your resume is one major step in creating a well written professional resume. With a great format, your resume can get the attention of a potential employer and make you outstanding from all other applicants. Your resume should either have a chronological format, functional or combination format. This type of resume format should be used correctly with a great font style or margin size to ensure it grabs the recruiter’s attention. It is highly important before you write your resume, you decide on the best format you will use. It will let you write your resume with the right guidelines of formatting. You can customize each of these formats and get a job.

Chronological Resume

This is the most common format used in writing a resume. A chronological resume, you list all your work history and experience in a reverse order. Resume samples show that you begin with your recent work history and experience at the top. The format of a chronological resume has;

  • Your contact information
  • The summary
  • Your relevant skills
  • The professional experience
  • Your education backgrounds
  • Any other accolades i.e. your achievements.

You can use a chronological format if you have an employment history that has a consistent career path. It’s a good format to use when you want to get a higher position within the same industry.

Functional Resume

A functional resume highlights more on your relevant skills and experience. It focuses mostly on your application skills which you can showcase to recruiters.  Unlike chronological format which focuses on your work history and any other information. The format of a functional resume should include;

  • Your contact information
  • A summary of all your applicable relevant skills
  • Your education, work experience at the bottom of your resume example.

You can use a functional if you want to shift careers or have multiple careers but have very little experience within the new industry you may want to apply for. It is also great if you are new applicant fresh from the college and want to apply for the open position.

Combination Resume

This is the most flexible format to use. In a combination format you list both your work experience as well as your relevant skills.  In a combination format, you eliminate your summary as both your work experience and relevant skills take up much space. This format should include;

  • Your contact information
  • A combined work history and relevant skill information
  • Any other information you may want to add.

As a candidate using this format to write your resume, you should look for more resume samplesto help you understand what should come first. At times you may list your relevant skills before your work experience. You may also consider reading the job clearly to understand better what your potential employer would want to start and what should follow. It’s a combination of chronological format with functional format.