Why Netflix is so loved explain by neuroscience

Why Netflix is so loved explain by neuroscience

Accenture and Fjord have launched. The Love Index survey to identify the most beloved brands. The research was done in the US, England, and Brazil markets. The brands were analyzed within a spectrum of 5 dimensions: fun, relevant, engaging, social and helpful. The goal was to capture people’s sense of experience with brands.

The main highlight was the emergence of unity in love: Netflix – the most loved brand in the three countries. And this achievement deserves deep analysis to understand why it is the most loved.

Is Netflix TV?

There is the TV, and there is Netflix. Let us exclude from our analysis the concept of TV as an appliance, and leave only the abstract. TV is perceived as one that imposes a schedule for an audience, who decides whether to attend or not. To gain the maximum public, the company bases its programming on research and studies. This generates a reception of uniform content by the viewers, who consume the same content on the TV, the device.


With Netflix, we already know: the person decides what he wants to see, whenever he wants, and can pause, go back and forward what he sees, being limited only by the available collection.

But why is Netflix the most loved? Neuroscience helps to explain.

Besides the five dimensions used in the research serve as a basis for understanding the reasons for love to Netflix, we can observe through the concepts of neuroscience how the brand invades the brains of people, captures their feelings and generates this passion.

Netflix would just be a streaming service like others if it were just a streaming service. Netflix goes a long way and can hook its customers through the heart through one thing: characters.

That is the sacred word that Netflix worships. The brand uses characters to achieve adherence to something that people have like an emotional bond, whether recent or old. She’s got a lot of great characters, whether they’re already loved, like Daredevil, or who still love me, thanks to the brand’s investment and brand, like Frank Underwood.

The emotional relationship that people have with the characters causes them to be pressed into people’s memories much more forcefully, occupying a considerable space in mind. It is in the limbic system, the region of the brain connected to the emotions, that these characters inhabit, and that is where Netflix rides the characters.

When people realize that Netflix is responsible for seeing the live action on their TV, they just have to thank the brand, and spend and love it more and more. And with Jessica Jones and Luke Cage ?! It’s a growing love making people revere the name. The logical thought is: without Netflix, this would not happen.

Leaving the world heroes, let’s see House of Cards. Before Netflix, there was no Frank Underwood in anyone’s mind. But thanks to Netflix a new character was inserted in the limbic system of the people and Netflix went together.

An excellent proof of the focus on characters is how Netflix today presents their productions on the site: with great images of the faces of the characters of the series.


Value the characters to value the brand

Think of the great series that win the “Original Netflix Shows”: Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Narcos, Orange I s The New Black, Marco Polo, Sense 8, Among many others. They are the most varied characters for Netflix conquer the mind of several profiles.

So as long as Netflix continues to invest in characters, the brand will be increasingly loved and will continue to be a major character in the business world of the new economy.


Oh, and the movies that Netflix invests, also influence that love? Yes, But with a smaller weight. And the reason is that the relationship of people to the characters is short lived since the exposure to the characters takes about 2 hours. In one series, the exposure is 8 hours, 10 hours or even more than 20 hours. This leads to limbic fixation being greater. And that’s what Netflix wants: to stay together with the characters, more time in its limbic.

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Why Netflix is so loved explain by neuroscience

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