Why most landlords are using technology as opposed to paperwork

Why most landlords are using technology as opposed to paperwork

The development of technology has seen multiple nitches from all around the globe move to modern means of data storage. As a result, records have been kept for long minus loss of data, among other advantages. Also, its worth notice that landlords have not been left out in this transition and hence are avoiding paperwork. In today’s article, we are going to have a look at why most landlords are using technology as opposed to paperwork. Furthermore, we are going to mention the advantages of technology in tenant management.

Presence of accounting software.
The presence of accounting software helps landlords to keep track of their taxes, which usually seem to be a massive blow for any business. As a result, estate managers and landlords are able to stay on track all year round. An excellent example of an accounting software is the infamous Freshbooks. Freshbooks is an online software which is majorly based on the cloud. Freshbooks is used to monitor expenditure and income at a glance. As a result, landlords can quickly come up with a budget and plan for the future.

Online marketing.
Marketing is a crucial strategy in many organization or business. For this reason, most landlords have shifted to the technological world as a strategic means of advertisement to clients. This is because putting up posters, and advertising in newspapers have grown out of date. As a result, landlords who do this tend are likely to have a small number of clients. Online marketing has enabled tenants to contact landlords easily. Furthermore, advertisements via social media and building of websites have seen most landlords double the number of clients they get in a day.

Cloud storage.
Cloud technology has enabled individuals to store large chunks of data easily minus any form of stress. As a result, landlords can now store large amounts of data easily minus having to keep physical copies of tenant documents and files. In addition, if a natural disaster occurred, there is no possibility that the landlord will lose any of his records. On top of that, the development of property inventories applications like the inventory hive has eased the old, complex and time-consuming form of data storage that was there due to paperwork.

Presence of video editing apps.
The presence of photo video editing apps has enabled landlords to take photos and videos of their apartments. As a result, landlords can easily upload their business over the internet minus a sweat. Fortunately, the accessibility of smartphones has eased everything since they come with inbuilt cameras that facilitate the whole process. Some of the best video editing software includes Picsart and VscoCam. It’s also advisable that you take photos of your property and stamp them before a new tenant moves into the house. That way, you can easily keep track of the house conditions.

The development in property inventories apps has brought a significant change to the industry. As a result, property management has become easier compared to earlier days when things were tough and tiresome. Furthermore, it has aided landlords to keep track of their property and fight against false tenant claims.