• Monday , 8 August 2022

What Type of Microsoft Courses

You must know the kinds of Microsoft courses for today. When you work in a company, at least you need to have Microsoft skills.

Microsoft Cloud

On the cloud certification path, you can finally get MTA and MCSA credentials. Because the MTA pathway is highly technology-focused, including network topologies, Office 365, and firewalls, this certification will convey to companies that you can adequately use Microsoft cloud-related services and systems.

On the other hand, the MCSA pathway prepares you to better understand servers and development. Follow this track to prove your knowledge of Windows Server, BI Reporting, and SQL BI Development.

Microsoft Mobility

The Microsoft Mobility pathway can also lead you to MTA certification. This course will increase your knowledge of Windows devices and test your experience with firewalls, Windows-based networks, Active Directory, and anti-malware products. This certification will describe your ability to upgrade systems and increase productivity and efficiency on all devices connected to the company network.

Microsoft data

The Microsoft Data certification pathway will lead you to a trio of credentials including MCSE, MCSA, and MTA. The MTA track only requires you to take one exam on database fundamentals and the MCSE Data track includes a single certification in Data Management and Analytics.

On the other hand, the MCSA course contains six certifications, each of which contains a different area of ​​emphasis: SQL Server 2012/2014, SQL Database Development 2016, SQL 2016 BI Development, and SQL Database Administration 2016. These options will help you master databases and database development.

Microsoft Productivity

The certifications you can earn in Microsoft Productivity courses may vary more than in other certification categories. This option can show proficiency in Microsoft Word or in managing Microsoft cloud services. Since this path varies so much, you can follow it to get MCSE and MOS credentials.

The MCSE Productivity Track tests your knowledge of multiple versions of Windows Server, Exchange Server, and SharePoint Server, as well as Skype for Business. This course will prepare you to transfer your company to the cloud, increase productivity, and increase the security of your organization’s data.

If you are interested in following the MOS Productivity path, you will have to decide whether you want to pursue certification for each application in the Office Suite or if you only need to specialize in one application. Even though Microsoft offers Microsoft Online Training, you will most likely put your workplace knowledge to good use by becoming certified . To get the MOS Expert certification, you only need to take two exams. Master’s certification, however, requires passing six exams.

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