The Good Fight and another series also successful spin-offs from hit series

The Good Fight and another series also successful spin-offs from hit series

With just a few days apart we will get two spin-offs from recent success series to our screens. On the one hand, we have ‘ The Good Fight,’ series derived from ‘ The good wife,’ and on the other, ‘ The Blacklist: Redemption,’ extracted from ‘The Blacklist.’ If we count ’24: Legacy ‘ also as a spin-off, and that series project focused on the adolescence of Sheldon, of ‘ The Big Bang Theory,’ we will verify that this tactic to develop new series is awakening a new interest.

When a series is very successful, it is inevitable that the chains want to continue to exploit their universe through other facets of him that have not been explored or secondary characters who cry out for their series. The strategy does not always work, but it does not stop trying. Taking advantage of the premiere of this two series, we are going to review 17 recent spin-offs that will arrive in the coming months.

The Good Fight

Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) is the star of the ‘The Good Wife ‘ spin-off that, instead of being seen on CBS, will do so in its streaming service, CBS All Access (Movistar Series in Spain). The subject returns to be the beginning almost from zero of a woman shaken by a scandal , although in this case, they will be three: the own Diane, that loses the money of its retirement in a swindle type Bernie Madoff; Lucca Quinn (Cush Jumbo), who now works for a predominantly African-American law firm, and Maia (Rose Leslie), the financier’s daughter who has swindled all that money.

Once upon a time in Wonderland

The ABC tried to take advantage of the success of ‘ Once upon a time in wonderland ‘ with a series whose protagonist would be an already grown-up Alice (of ‘Alice in Wonderland’), and that would be seen during the winter hiatus of its Series mother. The chain ended up having a change of opinion with ‘ Once upon a time in Wonderland ‘ and wanted to transform it into a regular series, that was seen almost at the same time, and was wrong. ‘OUAT’ was already a little exhausted when this spin-off was attempted, and it never finished offering the promising review of the Lewis Carroll story.

We left many in the vein, from ‘Caprica’ or ‘Angel’ to ‘Frasier,’ ‘Joey’ and all the sequels to ‘CSI,’ ‘NCIS’ and ‘Criminal Minds.’

The Blacklist: Redemption

The Blacklist ‘ is one of the series that works best for NBC, so it was not strange that they wanted to squeeze it a little more. For this, they have given their series to Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold), the husband/spy of Elizabeth Keen, the FBI agent who stars in the series mother with Raymond Reddington. Keen is going to devote himself to finding dangerous criminals working for a secret organization of mercenaries seeking to redeem themselves from their past crimes. The series had a backdoor pilot in the last season of ‘The Blacklist.’ Movistar Series premieres next Friday.

The Originals

The vampire diaries ‘ may end this spring, but there will still be vampires in The CW thanks to its spin-off ‘ The Originals ‘, which goes into the fourth season. These originals first appeared in the second season of their mother series and were somehow the villains, first-generation vampires far stronger than Damon and Stefan, and the whose most recognizable member was Klaus (Joseph Morgan).

 Better call Saul

Breaking Bad fans always thought that attorney Saul Goodman had the potential to be the star of his series. What turned out to be a little more unexpected was the way he took his spin-off, Better call Saul.Instead of seeing Saul, viewers are witnessing their “home story,” the process by which the endearing Jimmy McGill is increasingly tempted by his darker side and has just become the advocate of the worst criminals New Mexico.

 The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra ‘ is also more a sequel than a strict spin-off, as it continues the story of ‘ Avatar, the Legend of Aang ‘ years after Aang himself has passed away and focusing on the next avatar on the line, A young woman named Korra. It recaptures some characters from the original series and themes covered in it, but the universe is a bit more adult and slightly different from the one featured in the first series.


Doctor Who ‘ has given rise to several spin-offs in the twelve years leading back on BBC. First came ‘ Torchwood’ and ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures,’ and last year, BBC Three debuted Class a youth-oriented series in which several Coal Hill students have to deal with various alien threats. The Doctor appears in the first episode to pass the witness to the young people, and then they have to learn on the fly.


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The Good Fight and another series also successful spin-offs from hit series

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