The courtship of Nintendo with the DLC is nothing new

The courtship of Nintendo with the DLC is nothing new

Obviously, what has provoked the greatest rejection of the community is the use of the term “season pass” in the same line as Nintendo, a business model that until now the company had not felt. However, considering that the DLC is nothing new for them, this announcement seems somewhat like the next logical step, however much it hurts.

The debate here is not so much about the validity of this kind of passes (I am of the opinion that they should be avoided, but each one there with their money), as in the motives that have led Nintendo to offer it for ‘The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild .’ Under such circumstances, nothing better than to review the path followed in recent years to understand why should not come as a dramatic surprise.

Nintendo first DLCs

Nintendo (3)

Nintendo was up after its big competitors to the cart of downloadable content, and as is usual in the company, it did with prudent steps. We have to go back to 2012 to find the first releases of this type in new Nintendo 3DS titles.

Games like ‘New Super Mario Bros. 2’, ‘Fire Emblem: Awakening’ or ‘Mysterious World Pokemon: Portals to Infinity’ have already started to offer DLC payouts, including new levels, characters or game modes, combining in some cases Free content to keep the staff attentive. They were packs that, in general, knew to offer an acceptable relation between the content and its price.

Nintendo switched to a somewhat more aggressive policy with ‘Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U’ : new characters to add at prices that reached up to 5.99 euros (one euro more if we wanted them to The two versions), scenarios for up to 3.49 euros and suites for up to 1.19 euros. It was even offered a pack with all the cast of additional characters that reached 41.93 euros if we wanted in the second version.

Adapting to the industry model, like it or not

Nintendo (1)

It is interesting to see how Nintendo continued to try different ways to deal with the DLC: on the one hand, we had ‘Splatoon’ growing at no extra cost, and on the other ‘Mario Kart 8’ received numerous expansion packs in which it did play box. A lot of tracks, characters and vehicles came to add in a game that was already very great starting.

Again, an acceptable relationship between the price to pay and the material offered in return, all accompanied by the fact that in no case was perceived as an essential content to enjoy the initial experience included on the disc to the maximum, Reception of these DLC was quite generally positive.

The offer was on the table, and the public responded to it. With this background is how we come to Switch, the console that, following the style of playing Nintendo’s unmarked, more willing seems to embrace competition services policies. The online payment model is an example, and the incorporation of the concept of the season pass into the common language of its followers has been another.

Shall we stop the witch-hunt?

Nintendo (2)

I can fully understand the staff’s fears about the news: if the term DLC already generates a very negative reaction to the abusive policies of some companies, the idea of the season pass is even more demonized by what it has come to offer at its expense. And over with the same saga ‘The Legend of Zelda’ (which had already scored the downloads in the spin-off ‘Hyrule Warriors’ ).

As I said before, I am not a friend of this way of acquiring games, and therefore, will not participate in it when, do with the game in March, but I think it is important to understand that this is not a move out of nowhere. Trying to look for guilty people everywhere, at home or in the competition, and ripping our clothes as if we were at the end of Nintendo as we know it, seems to me out of place.

It will taste more or less, but it is, in the end, the sovereign public that decides in which to invest its money, and as long as this does not suppose a limitation for those who choose to reject the complete pass or the DLC separately, as it seems that will be the case, no I see reasons to make so much noise. Just as I do not see them in similar proposals launched by other companies that, I repeat and insist, do not affect a core of the initial game in conditions.


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The courtship of Nintendo with the DLC is nothing new

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