Smartphones are killing tablets?

Smartphones are killing tablets?

By Paulo Azambuja, CEO of online payments company F2b


From some time now, I have a feeling that smartphones are killing tablets. Modern smartphones are increasingly powerful and well fulfill the function of browsing the internet, checking social networks, bank transactions and watch a video on You Tube. I bring to this article some data supporting this thesis.

Working with various types of public. Since the shopkeeper who wants to sell online to the lawyer, accountant or professional person who issues a ticket for a recurring billing. Or even a seller who wants to check if the buyer has good credit in the square. I believe that our Google Analytics data is a beautiful statement of what happens in terms of national trend.

Looking closely, we see that about 85% of access to our system are desktops. But as worldwide, accesses the mobile world are increasing. Of these, about 1.20% are tablets and 11.45% are smartphones. Because the system we use is totally adapted to small screens, I believe that these data are valid.

Furthermore, information provided in  Digital Look  show that the average ticket for the purchase of a smart phone is increasing. The Brazilian spent about R $ 900 dollars for the purchase of smartphones last year. The research is signed by Qualcomm and by Ibope Intelligence, and shows that 26% of Brazilians have some kind of smartphone. Of these, 80% of users check their cell every half hour at least.

This can be attributed to the growth of the average Brazilian income and by smartphones count on specific features like access to applications like Instagram and especially Whatsapp – the message software has become a phenomenon in the country. And the new releases for the low-cost market, models like the Motorola Moto Moto E and G, Asus ZenFone and Microsoft Lumias.

Remember also that tablets suffer from a lack of innovation and killer functions that make more attractive to the consumer. An example is the market leader Apple. Despite the sales success (and profitability) with the recently released iPhone 6, iPad, apple tablet company, has stagnant sales in key markets such as the United States, Europe and Asia. The drop in sales in the 1st quarter 2015 was 23% compared to the same quarter of 2014. Read morehere .

What is configured as a trend out there almost always echoes in Brazil. Here, according to data from IDC Brazil, the tablets have recorded impressive growth. Yes it’s true. Only last year were sold about 9.5 million, an increase of 13%. Despite the increase, the same research forecasts a decrease of 3% of the market in 2015. The Digital Look issued a statement about it.

It is worth putting this information into perspective. It is clear that tablets and smartphones will register growth. Both, for a significant portion of the population, are still novelties. There are many people buying their first tablet and smartphone and adhering to the mobile era.

On the other hand, mobile phone sales data are also growing, but at a higher order of magnitude. The same IDC Brazil points out that in 2014, Brazilians bought about 104 smartphones per minute. From January to December was 54.5 million smart devices sold, 55% growth compared to 2013.

For 2015, the projection is too close in blue, up 16%. An interesting fact is that, added to mobile phones with basic functions, sales in the country totaled 70.3 million units. These figures make Brazil the fourth largest market in the world, behind China, USA and India.

It is also worth mentioning that around the world – and here too – the tablets are classified as computers and smartphones are a separate category. Needless to say, the sale of PCs is falling. Only the 1st quarter of 2015, this segment decreased by 20%. In 2014, the market had shrunk by 26% compared to the previous year and accounted for sales of only 10.3 million computers. The data is also of IDC Brazil .

To complete the reasoning, a curious report published in Look Digital intrigued me and goes against a part of the logic that here expose: smartphone sales fell for the 1st time in six years in China. It would be a small negative variation of 4%? Or sets a trend? It’s something to consider, especially at a time when all manufacturers offer very similar models in hardware and especially the user experience.

The leading brands in China also act or will act here: Apple, Xiaomi and Huawei, followed by Samsung and Lenovo. What new features that small laptops will bring to bring the numbers to the positive of the table? Holograms, as suggested by Microsoft? Devices “assembled in pieces,” as pointed out by Google? Integration with watches attached as exhibits to Apple?Phablets increasing, as has been launching Samsung and other manufacturers?

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Smartphones are killing tablets?

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