Smart Scale - 9 Best Devices For Controlling Shapes

Smart Scale – 9 Best Devices For Controlling Shapes

Smart Appliances penetrated all spheres of our life. Today, the refrigerator can deliver beer by hand, oven – View real-time process of cooking your favorite dishes. Even the plates , bottles , mugs – and they are equipped with smart-modules with very interesting features. Libra is also not an exception: for example, users first by mechanical models have moved to a more precise electronically, and then were able to measure not only weight, but also the percentage of body fat, as well as to hear the value of their weight.

The next step – the scale that interact with an application on your smartphone, sending him to the test. The application to build a graph of your weight, calculate the body mass index and other important indicators, will give advice about what to eat for breakfast in order to achieve the ideal form. The most intelligent weighing models have compiled by .

1. Withings WS-50 WH Smart Body Analyzer

Withings WS-50 WH Smart Body Analyzer

Scales Withings WS-50 WH Smart Body Analyzer are available in white and black design options. By connecting to your phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, they transmit data in the firmware application (there are versions for iOS and Android). In addition to determining the weight percentage of tissues and body mass index, pulse scales measured temperature and air purity, the carbon dioxide level in the room. Thus, intelligent scales Withings provides comprehensive control of your health: a strong heart – the best proof that you’re all right, healthy sleep in a well ventilated room – the key to vitality and good mood.

The application for smart balance WS-50 WH Smart Body Analyzer also performs the functions of a personal trainer. After entering the necessary information and analysis system will weigh recommendations about what you need to lose weight for your next workout and when to start the course. In addition, you can specify in the application goals and monitor the process of achieving them. Graph indicators are constructed automatically updated after each weighing.

By the way, third-party applications also support scales Withings, and achievements in the diet, or a set of muscle mass you can share on social networks. Gadget recognizes up to 8 users and each creates its own independent profile.

Withings WS-50 WH Smart Body Analyzer 2 Withings WS-50 WH Smart Body Analyzer 3

The manufacturer also offers a model of weights for kids. Withings Smart Kid Scale determines the child’s body weight up to 10 grams for a few seconds and allows you to record and monitor the feeding set of the masses in the application where the data is sent over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The device is designed for children weighing up to 25 kg, so it will serve not only in the first year of life, but about 8 years.

2. Xiaomi Smart Scale

The Chinese company Xiaomi brings in the market one of the most interesting and inexpensive models smart-weights. The device is created with the support of Haier, producer, he released a refrigerator driving a robot R2D2, and refrigerator with 32-inch screens , running OS Android.

Xiaomi Smart Scale

Xiaomi Smart Scale powered by 4 AA batteries and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. The signature application Mi Fit can analyze data not only from the scale, but also fitness tracker Mi Band .

Scales – gadget for the whole family, and Mi Fit settings can be specified for each person, and Smart Scale will remember it and create individual schedules for the user weight change and other indicators. In addition, the scales show how many kilograms you need to gain or lose more in order to achieve the desired result. Weighing results in this model and shown on your phone and on the scoreboard themselves smart balance Xiaomi Smart Scales.

Hugo Barra Put Their Hands Dirty And Dismantles Xiaomi Mi 4i Video ]

3. Meizu RyFit

Meizu RyFit

Meizu, one of the main competitors Xiaomi, is also trying to force the market smart-weights. RyFit – gadget shows not only body weight, percentage of body fat, bone and water in the body. It can also determine the biological age of the person.

Meizu RyFit manufacturer introduced as part of the concept of smart home; in conjunction with the application for iOS or Android, they – the analyzer full physical condition of the person. All data from the balance and transferred to the smartphone – also via Bluetooth. And even if your smartphone villages, main indicators, you can see the display smart-weights.

4. Polaris PWS 1830 DGFI

Polaris PWS 1830 DGFI

The first version of the smart balance Polaris PWS 1830 DGFI supplied with the application only for iOS, that for gadget budget segment was somewhat strange. In the second version has been added, and support Android-smartphone.

The principle of smart-scales similar to Polaris models, which we have already told: get barefoot on the platform, and the system determines your weight, and transmits a small charge current to be measured by bioimpedance analysis of the percentage of fat, muscle, bone and water in the body. The body mass index is not determined by dividing the weight of the growth, and on the basis of the same bioimpedance.

The data is transmitted to the application Polaris Bodyfit, which builds graphics, keeps a history of measurements and helps to follow the figure. By the way, PWS 1830 DGFI – truly a family gadget: smart-scales automatically recognize four different users.

5. Archos Connected Scale

Archos Connected Scale

Really nice modern scales have all the same features. Among their advantages – improved accuracy of measurement of weight, a nice visual design results in applications for iOS and Android, as well as the opportunity to interact with the device measuring the pressure Archos Blood Pressure Monitor or activity tracker Archos Activity Tracker.

All three gadget Archos form a complete system for monitoring the state of health in the home. This will be useful for every follower of a healthy lifestyle, athlete, a person who is actively fighting the overweight or have health problems.

6. Runtastic Libra

Runtastic Libra

Different versions of the application Runtastic gained hundreds of thousands of downloads in Google Play and AppStore. But even if you have not appreciated all the advantages of this software, with intelligent scales Runastic Libra do it – it’s time. In addition to measuring weight, the percentage of water, fat, bone and muscle tissue in the body, Runastic Libra to help keep a record of the calories burned and perform the calculation of various indexes – BMI, BMR and AMR.

Appendix Runtastic, which interacts with a smartphone via Bluetooth, will also give advice about how many calories you need to consume for a set of muscle mass, weight loss or to maintain the excellent form. Among the goals that you set in the application – to achieve the desired weight and volume of adipose tissue. Given the scale of these parameters will help to correct the daily norm of calories. In addition, Runastic Libra automatically detects one of the eight members, who stood on the scales, even if multiple Bluetooth-enabled devices are within their actions.

Well, the main shortcoming of these smart scales – that most of the actions done by the system only if there is a smartphone with a preinstalled application. Without it Runastic Libra – just beautiful balance with a mirror coating, which, incidentally, should be cleaned after almost every use.

7. Medisana TargetScale 2

Medisana TargetScale 2

These scales are not designed by the manufacturer of household appliances, but the company, which became widely known in the medical equipment market. Today in sale is the second generation of smart-weights VitaDock interact with applications for smartphones.

In addition to the basic parameters (determination of the weight percentage of water, muscle, bone and fat, as well as the calculation of BMI), the balance determines your balance – how much weight is distributed symmetrically on the square foot, whether skewed to the left or right side. Design Medisana TargetScale 2 also sets them apart from other models: a round platform in the form of illuminated circles that show how close you are to the goal.

Key indicators are displayed not only in the application, but also on the screen smart balance: Medisana TargetScale 2 shows how to change your weight and proportions of the different tissues of the last weighing. The app will also give advice based on the value of each measured parameter.

The main advantage of smart-scales Medisana TargetScale 2 – autonomy: they work fine and without a smartphone, but VitaDock, of course, receive additional functionality. The main drawback of the gadget – a relatively high price.

8. Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Four sensors in the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale, measure the weight ratio of the mass of tissue in the body and determine the body mass index. The display of the gadget displays only the weight, body fat percentage and BMI, the remaining data, you can see only in the original application. Connecting to your phone through Wi-Fi. There is the ability to recognize people by their weight and other factors.

The gadget is available in two design variants – black and white. Low price – one of the main advantages of Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale, limited functionality without a connection to a smartphone – the main drawback.

9. Prestigio PHCBFS

Prestigio PHCBFS

The company Prestigio releases two models of smart-weights – easier and PHCBMS PHCBFS, which is positioned as a diagnostic. However, on the box states that pregnant women and people with pacemakers from using Prestigio PHCBFS should be abandoned. Indeed, the weak electrical signal that is used to determine the weight and other parameters of the organism, in this case, may be dangerous. Although we note this scheme works using everything smart-scales, as well as any model that measure something besides weight loss.

Other functions are standard: data first appear on the screen, and then transferred to the company’s application. Results can be tracked over time and leave with them inspiring comments. Not too convenient that the Family Health Compass is not communicating with other applications to keep track of the figure, but the possibility of manual input is still possible. What is missing in the application and tips: what level is considered normal and what values ​​need to adjust diet and exercise. It should be noted that the Android version is much more convenient and functional applications for iOS – perhaps because Prestigio mainly produces tablets and smartphones running the most popular mobile operating system in the world.

However, other devices Prestigio, fitness tracker Prestigio PHCPED and tonometer Prestigio PHCBPM, the gadget is still synchronized via the app, allowing you to use up to 4 accounts on a single smartphone. An important addition – the application has a function of determining the level of stress on the photo and the heart rate.

Prestigio PHCBFS 2

And what about the kitchen scales? What gadgets are better than others to help control the composition of foods that we eat, counting calories and BZHU?

Perhaps the most original device to date released by Countertop . Scale stand designed to interact with other kitchen appliances, such as blender or Multivarki. Put on the platform Countertop blender – and scales through the application for Smartphone prompt what better prepare smoothies, based on the current state of your body. The device selects the recipe from the database and helps you to accurately measure the ingredients and shows the composition of meals: calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates per serving.

Prestigio PHCBFS 3

By the way, the application receives data from the corporate and fitness tracker. Each time the results become more accurate, since the application has the opportunity to study. A few days later a smart balance will know your preferences regarding food and drinks, as well as data on chronic diseases and the rhythm of life.

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Smart Scale – 9 Best Devices For Controlling Shapes

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