Reassembling a partition of Windows 8 in Ubuntu

Reassembling a partition of Windows 8 in Ubuntu

A personal computer in Windows and Ubuntu live together in a facility-type dual boot is very common, if only because of the different ways to run Windows or Linux along with Windows . With previous versions of Microsoft operating system Windows 8 both systems were in relative harmony , and could work with NTFS partitions-the system files used Windows- without any difficulty.

However, Windows 8 includes a feature that makes this task more difficult, and is that because this function is sometimes very difficult to reassemble a partition of Windows 8 in Ubuntu without incurring any kind of conflict. We are talking about the quick start Windows , which Rooting we have seen how you can enable or disable .


However, although issues of secure boot in UEFI , one of the two types of BIOS that exist today-you should leave it on, for users who work with both operating systems have no other solution than having it off to interact with NTFS partitions.

As always, there are different options to carry out this task, and we will try to explain the most common in this article.

Disable the Windows Quick Launch

You may try to mount a partition to Windows 8 in Ubuntu you encounter this error message in a window:

[wpsm_codebox style=”1″] Error mounting / dev / sda3 at / media / waqar / 120ABDC90ABDAA5D: Command-line `mount -t” ntfs “-o” uhelper = udisks2, nodev, nosuid, uid = 1000, gid = 1000, dmask = 0077, fmask = 0177 “” / dev / sda3 “” / media / waqar / 120ABDC90ABDAA5D “‘exited with non-zero exit status 14: The disk contains an unclean file system (0, 0). Windows metadata kept in cache, refused to mount. Failed to mount ‘/ dev / sda3’: Operation not permitted The NTFS partition is in an unsafe state. Please resume and shutdown Windows fully (no fast hibernation or restarting), or mount the volume read-only with the ‘ro’ mount option.[/wpsm_codebox]

The most logical step would be to disable the Windows Quick Launch, as discussed earlier. First we must restart the computer and enter a Windows session . We enter our username and password and headed to the control panel . Once there, we look for the power options . When we open and we have to find an option that allows us to change the behavior of buttons on and off , and there you should see something like the image that is on these lines.

Once you have located the text, uncheck leaving the Quick Start enabled and performs a complete shutdown of the machine. If you walk into Linux again and you should be able to mount Windows partitions 8 in Ubuntu without problem. If still does not work, open the Windows command line and enter this line:

[wpsm_codebox style=”1”] powercfg / h off[/wpsm_codebox]

Mount the Windows partition 8 in Ubuntu as “read only”

Windows 8.1

This could be another possible solution as has been pointed out in WebUpd8 . As well explained in the source, this trick is only viable to copy or view files , but if we need to write any files in the Windows partition 8 can not make it through Ubuntu , so we insist: Use it only for consulting files .

To mount a Windows partition 8 in Ubuntu as read only enter the following commands on a Linux terminal:

[wpsm_codebox style=”1″] sudo mkdir -p / media / $ USER / windows sudo mount -t ntfs-3g -o ro / dev / sdXX / media / $ USER / windows[/wpsm_codebox]

In these commands sdXX is the partition on which Windows is installed , you should see the error message we discussed in the previous section listed as sda1 , for example.

These two solutions should be enough to re- mount the Windows partition 8 in Ubuntu without problems. They are not of much difficulty and can be completed in minutes. If you have problems with the Windows partition in Ubuntu worth trying .


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Reassembling a partition of Windows 8 in Ubuntu

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