Overwatch: Coming to your Gaming Consoles on May 24

Overwatch: Coming to your Gaming Consoles on May 24

During Blizzcon 2015, Blizzard announced that Overwatch also come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One beyond the PC. And we tested the version of the game for the Sony console – the first time we played Overwatch with a control.


Overwatch is a cooperative multiplayer shooting game. You enter a team of up to six players and need to know how to work well with all members to work things out in the game. In it, the player takes control of one of 21 different heroes with their own characteristics – some are better for that moment to go out shooting in all directions, while others help at that time it is best to defend.


Each hero has own powers. A ninja shooting stars, a cowboy is obviously good shot, but additionally they also have other special abilities, such as the power to teleport horizontally Tracer, or to create a wall of ice that blocks attacks opponents of Mei.

There are three modes – a point on the map capture, a charge of monitoring that should be taken to a certain place on the map before time runs out, and a final that wins who can control an area as long as possible. The matches are played in best of three – who wins two rounds first is the winner of the duel.


The strategy is important and adaptable within the game. Depending on the mode you choose and the time is set, it may be better to choose a character different characteristics. Whenever you die in the game, you can choose to come back with a different hero. Thus, if at some point the game his team realize that it is better to strengthen the defense, some of the players can return to a defensive character – which may force the opposing team to adopt a different strategy.

In the console

Shooting games in first person, in general, they are better on the keyboard and mouse. But Overwatch also will go out to the islands, which means that also need support to control. And how was the adaptation? Very good.

The buttons to shoot and activate special abilities are superior – the L1 button, L2, R1 and R2, the PS4 – while the triangle drives the special power. Square, circle and X serve to reload, jump and squat, respectively.


The gameplay is fluid as is to be expected – I particularly like much to play in control of that keyboard, and I was extremely pleased with the experience in controlling the PS4. On the technical side, there is nothing to complain about: the game runs very smooth, though not the same 60 FPS PC version.

When can I play?


Overwatch is one of the most anticipated games of the moment, and fortunately its launch is near. The game officially out May 24, but you can play it before that. To begin beta testing the PC version are rolling for some time – and will continue rolling until the game’s release.

Between 5 and 9 May will roll out the open public beta , available to all players on all platforms. Those who buy Overwatch – is the PC version of $59.99 – until April 29 will gain early access to the open beta of the game and can play it on 3 and may 4th . The open beta will open the national game servers – which is very important for games without lag.


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Overwatch: Coming to your Gaming Consoles on May 24

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