One guy spent four years and the US $ 50,000 on a giant computer to play Tetris

One guy spent four years and the US $ 50,000 on a giant computer to play Tetris

We all have hobbies that make us spend a lot of time and money. But one guy in particular spent four years and US $ 53,000 to build a giant computer to play Tetris .

Made by James Newman, the “Megaprocessor” is 10 m long, 2 m high and weighs half a ton. It’s very big. It has 10,000 LED lights and 40,000 transistors and, despite all the money spent, the processor is only 20 KHz.


“If you’re wondering what to do with a processor of this,” said Newman, who is a British engineer, in the video above, “the answer is that you can play games such as Tetris.”. So far, it seems that is all that the giant computer can do, but Newman does not care.

“The machine on your desk can be a million times better than the one I built, but that mine is much more beautiful,” he told the BBC. Newman started the project because in order to understand how the microprocessor, and noted that as our petty computers can do more things, what you have in your home has 10,000 times more LEDs. We can not say that it is not right.

On page “Megaprocessor,” Newman adopts the same tone of direct interviews. What is this you might ask? He answers: “The Megaprocessor is a microprocessor built in large proportions. great good. “And why? “Because I wanted to.” Each in his each.


A man has finished building an enormous computer in the sitting room of his bungalow in Cambridge.
James Newman started work on the “Megaprocessor”, which is 33ft (10m) wide and 6ft (2m) high, in 2012.
It does the job of a chip-sized microprocessor and Mr Newman has spent £40,000 ($53,000) creating it.
It contains 40,000 transistors, 10,000 LED lights and it weighs around half a tonne (500kg). So far, he has used it to play the classic video game Tetris.

In a video demonstration he admits the game isn’t easy to play.
Mr Newman, a digital electronics engineer, started the project because he was learning about transistors and wanted to visualise how a microprocessor worked. The components all light up as the huge device carries out a task.
“The machine on your desk may be a million times better than what I have built – but mine is much prettier,” he told the BBC.
Mr Newman demonstrating Tetris on the mega processorImage copyrightJAMES NEWMAN
Image caption
James Newman has so far used his enormous computer to play Tetris

“Mine has 10,000 times more LEDs.”
Mr Newman hopes the Megaprocessor will be used as an educational tool and is planning a series of open days at his home over the summer.
“I doubt I’ll be able to sell it,” he said.
“My dream is that it goes to a museum or educational institute so that people can learn from it.”

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One guy spent four years and the US $ 50,000 on a giant computer to play Tetris

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