Miyazaki Sheraton Hotel: The spectacular results of a technological and artisan furniture

Miyazaki Sheraton Hotel: The spectacular results of a technological and artisan furniture

The great Miyazaki Sheraton Hotel four-star hotel brings us into the vast world of interior design. We show you the beautiful and creative spaces of this hotel. We will see the trajectory of your furniture, how it is located and in what environments. We will also know who designed them and the qualities of these pieces so avant-garde and different. Simple lines without forgetting the Asian style, but transferred to a comfortable western modernism and with high decorative impact.

Miyazaki Sheraton Hotel: Standard zones

This Miyazaki Sheraton Hotel with 743 rooms, seven restaurants, and two swimming pools is the prime of any traveler. It emphasizes its lobby as soon as it enters by its great capacity and its transmission of tranquility. The decoration is designed for the rest and rest of the client, its golden tones and makeup convey tranquility in the environment. Its yellowish illumination, matched by colored brushstrokes on the carpets and the walls with wooden slats, makes the ocher color of the painted one glimpse, which is the most beautiful shades.

Miyazaki Sheraton Hotel

Continuing with the common areas and distension we can observe that they continue to combine the neutral gray and neutral colors, with the yellow ones, so fashionable these days. The reception lamps are golden, the point of attachment of the spaces previously seen and in which the gold is prolonged to unify the design.

In more private areas we find this relaxing armchair designed by Patricia Urquiola, designer, and architect. It belongs to the Kettal Maia collection which has a technological design and is made by hand. In this collection, we can find them in two shades, gray or white.

Miyazaki Sheraton Hotel1

In this other common area is used the natural wood to give warmth to these open environments. With the use of large carpets for the floors and preserving the previous gray ones.

Miyazaki Sheraton Hotel: Corridors and private areas

Miyazaki Sheraton Hotel6

The Miyazaki Sheraton Hotel with western and oriental styles have been shared in the hallways and rooms. The rooms feature colorful striped carpets. We return to the mixture of grays, blues, and yellows, coordinated with wallpaper on the walls of stripes of a thickness different from that of the floor and in brown tones.

A simple headboard is created with lines that do not recharge the room, and the natural wood is still combined. For those anxious to try new sensations of the Orient, there are rooms designed with authentic futons, which have also been arranged Japanese tables and chairs surrounded by open spaces, with smooth and straightforward sliding doors, as well as carpets of fibers.

Miyazaki Sheraton Hotel9

Miyazaki Sheraton Hotel: Outdoor areas

Miyazaki Sheraton Hotel10

This wicker chair belongs to the Kettle Basket collection. Made of oak, with pure lines and a very flexible wicker material. Its designers are Anna Ditzel and Jorgen Ditzel.

In the outdoor areas, we show you different types of furniture, metal tables, wooden tables, armchairs, benches and armchairs, all of them by Kettal and designed by prestigious architects and designers.

Rodolfo Dordoni, a Milanese designer, specializes in hotel complexes, yachts, and shopping centers. Creator of the Kettal Bitta collection, characterized by a combination of aluminum structures, seats, braided with polyester rope, comfortable cushions, and teak wood. Materials are perfectly resistant to interference. It is a thick braid, but it breathes. As a curiosity, the name Bitta means “mooring” in Italian.

Miyazaki Sheraton Hotel11

Two types of tables with different sizes and so elegant. The small white table is from the Kettal Vieques collection, characterized by being wood and resistant on the outside. The other two tables are from the Kettle Mesh collection, made of expanded metal and solid wood combined with industrial and natural materials, let air circulate and give way to light. They have an aluminum structure and a three-dimensional fabric called “Nido d” Ape. “Designed by Patricia Urquiola.

As we have seen, behind every big project some great designers and architects never fail to study the materials, the result and the best preparation to make the decoration of our interiors and exteriors more comfortable and versatile.


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Miyazaki Sheraton Hotel: The spectacular results of a technological and artisan furniture

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