Mac vs. PC: 22 Advantages and Disadvantages ... Which is the Best?

Mac vs. PC: 22 Advantages and Disadvantages … Which is the Best?

You can not decide whether to buy a Mac or PC? It is a difficult decision because both platforms have different advantages and disadvantages. But in reality,  it also depends heavily on external factors such as other devices you own and what type of software used. For example, if you own an Xbox one, a Windows Phone, a Tablet Surface and all other computers in your Windows PC`s home are, then it could be more convenient to stick with a PC. On the other hand, if you own an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and a printer with support Air Print, a Mac would fit nicely with other devices. Moreover, even if you end up with a mixed environment with Windows devices and Mac it is quite easy to share data between devices . It is also quite easy to access files from Mac from a Windows PC and vice versa. You can also connect a drive formatted Mac to a Windows PC and see the files directly. If you own a new Mac, you’ll be pleased to know that OS X has an equivalent for almost every feature of Windows. So, without further ado, let’s look at the pros and cons of each platform, including hardware and software . Obviously, this is an article with personal opinions, so feel free to share your thoughts are free to do.

Mac Pros and Cons of Windows 2016

  • Macs have an integrated program called Boot Camp that lets you install Windows, Linux or other operating systems, and OS X. Creating a dual boot OS X is infinitely easier than it is in Windows. It is also very easy to switch between the two operating systems.2-windows10-mac
  • Macs work better with other Apple products in terms of software. This includes features like Handoff, iMessage, iCloud, iCloud Drive, iCloud photo library, Key iCloud, Find My iPhone, etc. Microsoft has tried to copy this, but only partially.
  • Macs are less complicated and more intuitive to use. This is a very moot point and the reason is also listed as a scam in the section below. If you’ve always been a Windows user, you can initially be counter-intuitive to use, however, I have found that it makes more sense once you get used to it.
  • Although Macs can get viruses or malware, the number of threats is still significantly lower because the base Windows is much larger.
  • Almost all new computers come installed with a lot of bloatware PC manufacturers , required manual removal. No software preinstalled Mac computers, but only Apple and will not slow down the system.
  • Macs are elegant and visually appealing. To achieve something similar in Windows, PC makers have to substantially increase their price.
  • Speaking of costs, Macs are more expensive than PCs, but also hold their value much better than PCs resale.
  • Apple computers have some of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry. When you buy a Mac, you are getting a high quality machine. This may be true for PC too, but with so many manufacturers and configurations, get the best quality can be more difficult.
  • Macs can read NTFS or FAT formatted hard drives. Windows can not read Mac formatted drives unless you install a third party program.
  • The iMac, Mac desktop is unique, which is an all-in-one that can be obtained with a screen 4K or 5K, something that does not really exist in the Windows market at all unless you get one like All. Not the HP Envy, but not as good as the iMac.
  • Mac tend to be a little more innovative in design and features. For example, the Mac include Thunderbolt, USB ports type C, multi-touch trackpad, Touch Force, backlit keyboard and more.
  • Apple has an excellent customer support, warranty programs AppleCare and Apple exclusive shops where you can take your Mac or other Apple products for repairs, training or other problems.
  • Pros and Cons of Windows PC Mac

    • PCs are manufactured by many different companies, resulting in a large variety of devices with a wide variation in prices. With Apple, you have only a few options with set prices. As for desktops, Apple only has one targeted to the consumer, so a Windows desktop will be a much better option.
    • PC are configurable. On Macs, usually you can only upgrade the RAM or hard drive and that’s it. Virtually all components in a desktop PC can be changed. Like buying computers, also you have many more options you can set include processors, memory, hard drives, ports, displays, etc.

    • Overall, there is much more software available for Windows PC. Usually there is a Mac equivalent program for all Windows applications, but not always so good.
    • Windows-based PC may have greater backward compatibility. A five year old PC can easily run Windows 10 without any problems. U Mac 5 years can run the latest version of OS X, but half of the features will not be available or some functions will not work so well. For some reason, always the last Mac is needed in order to use all the new features of OS X.
    • PCs are the absolute best choice when it comes to gambling. Mac simply do not come with even high-end machines like the Mac Pro graphics cards.

    • Globally, most computers are PCs and Windows is the most popular operating system greatly. This means that the community is much larger and you can get more support for software and hardware.
    • As for accessories, computers have many more options and choices are generally cheaper.
    • Although OS X is simpler, that is not always the best for some people. Windows is more complex and powerful than OS X.
    • Some newer Apple machines not even come with CD / DVD. It also seems Apple keeps reducing the number of ports on each new machine. The new MacBook has a USB port and a headphone jack and that’s it.
    • PCs work very well with a lot of products. For example, you can transmit your Xbox or PlayStation games.

    These are some of the main advantages and disadvantages when it comes to Mac and PC. There are plenty of other advantages and smaller disadvantages, but do not think it much attention when discussing this issue in general terms. The point of this article is not to say whether a platform is better than the other, because that simply is not true. If you are in a college and the only thing that matters is your budget, then a Mac is probably not the best choice, regardless of the other benefits. In my opinion, if you have never tried a Mac, it would be good to have a friend or family member to provide a device to see how they feel about it .  Almost everyone has used Windows, so more or less know what you are getting in terms of software.

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Mac vs. PC: 22 Advantages and Disadvantages … Which is the Best?

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