Link Building Choices in the Right SEO Steps

Link Building Choices in the Right SEO Steps

To start your “link building” you can sign up on a few start pages. Today this tactic is less powerful than before. Since a home page passes less value to each link the more links there are on the page, some home pages are not very valuable. Also try to pay attention to relevance by choosing a start page that is as close as possible to the topic of your website. 

The Googling Options

You can choose to go Googling to start pages and hundreds of other similar pages. Then check those start pages on which subpage you can best register. In our case, that would be marketing.startpagina.nl, for example. Logging in works the same for almost all systems. Look for a button “add link” or contact the administrator. Do not be alarmed if you do not receive a response or if your link is not posted. That is usually the case, you have to rely on those few who do post your link. 

  • An important website where you can also register your website. You can also start your own start page, for example one of the aforementioned start pages. When you visit it, you will automatically see a button with which you can start your own page. You can fill this yourself with links, although you will have to comply with the guidelines. You can buy backlinks and explore the best of SEO.

Article marketing

  • Another method to get backlinks is article marketing. Article marketing is a form of link building where you have your articles published in as many places on the internet as possible, with a link.
  • A Uniform Resource Locator (URL for short) is a structured name that refers to a piece of data. The best-known examples are the unique address that identifies the location of a web page on the Internet.

To your website

Via these articles you get visitors by including a link to your website under each article, or possibly by making a few words in your text clickable to your website. This way you have an extra channel for visitors, but you also work on the backlinks of your website at the same time. 

There are several places on the internet where you can place articles, an example of which is Artikelplaats.nl. Here you can, as the name says quite aptly, post articles with the link of your website. Other users of Article Place may then take over these articles and place them on their own website when they have a shortage of content. They will of course also take over your link. Be careful not to overuse this link building method either, because that will make your backlink profile (as discussed earlier) unnatural. 

Press releases

Press releases work very well for your publicity, but also for getting backlinks. You can fill a press release with links to your website (in moderation). Because you do this yourself you have the quality of your backlinks (anchor text, title attribute A title attribute is a title for a link on your website. It is similar to an alt tag for images. With such a title you can provide a link with additional information about the destination of this title attribute.) Only try to link to your own website in a non-forced way and also link to other valuable websites, for example, so that your press release does not come across as spam.