Installing the latest version of qBittorrent in Ubuntu

Installing the latest version of qBittorrent in Ubuntu

qBittorrent is a free client bitorrent, and in addition, can be installed on all major operating systems, which means Windows, OS X, FreeBSD, OS / 2 and, of course, the major Linux distributions. In this article, we’re going to show what you have to do to get qBittorrent installed on Ubuntu in its latest version , the 3.2.0.

Before continuing, it is worth noting that qBitorrent is written in C ++ and uses libtorrent, which is an interpretation  of BiTorrent open source protocol. The user interface is written in Qt4, and besides that has an integrated search engine , UPnP, encryption connection PeX, a tool for creating torrents and more.

This program uses the libtorrent library – rasterbar, to provide greater functionality to the network communication functionality of the tool while looking fit to the needs of many users consume as few resources as possible. As for other similar programs with which you can compare, qBitorrent is called to offer a response similar to clients such as Vuze or uTorrent .

In our article on alternatives to uTorrent we talked about qBitorrent as a reliable alternative to that, possibly, is the most popular Bittorrent client. Using the protagonist of this article will prevent installation, completely opaque to the user, a client of mineo of bitcoins , which in uTorrent included in the latest version of the program and was the subject of much controversy among users.


How to manually install qBitorrent.

Before entering the field, it is interesting that the BitTorrent protocol was designed as a P2P file sharing network in a lawful manner. In fact, many Linux distributions ISO images can be downloaded using BitTorrent, not only from computers but also from Android devices

That does not mean that the network on which qBitorrent rests, has become popular for some legal reasons , such as downloading copyright-protected content. The latter has been largely popular due to The Pirate Bay, which always resurfaces despite forcing users to seek alternatives from time to time .

Despite this, a BitTorrent client for exchanging files quickly between large groups of people, or to capture images of our distros Linux favorite, is always one of the best options , if not the best.

Returning to the subject of qBitorrent, one will ask what is the need to manually install a program that is already in the Ubuntu repositories . The explanation is very simple, in many cases the packages found in the Ubuntu repositories are outdated or obsolete . It is not the case in qBittorrent, but other programs like Ardour itself have suffered this fate.

In any case, the packets of version 3.2.0 of qBittorrent still take to be in the Ubuntu repositories, so to ensure you always have the latest versions of each package is to manually add a PPA and install program ourselves.

To perform a manual installation of qBittorrent 3.2.0 open a terminal and enter the following commands:

[wpsm_codebox style=”2″]sudo add-apt-repository ppa: qbittorrent-team / qbittorrent-stable sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install qbittorrent[/wpsm_codebox]

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Installing the latest version of qBittorrent in Ubuntu

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