How to play WhatsApp voice notes without anyone listening to you

How to play WhatsApp voice notes without anyone listening to you

The voice memos WhatsApp is a useful resource in many situations. Its use can make life a lot easier when it comes to using the popular instant messaging application. They are especially useful when text messages become endless and, at the same time, are insufficient to express themselves correctly. They are also when we require our tone of voice to emphasize a message. However, listening to WhatsApp voice notes received in crowded places, exposed to the thin ear of whom we may be close, may be uncomfortable and even inappropriate. We explain how you can play voice notes in private, and without headphones.

How is it possible? It is. And yes, the trick has little by now, when WhatsApp and all its functions have already throughout the blogosphere. We already echoed last year ‘s method of listening to the voice notes with the assurance that no one will be able to find out its contents.

A known function, but not as much as it seems

Forgive the second introduction in a personal way, but in a way what has driven me to write about something so chewed on the Web has been precisely the conclusions drawn over a long season observing the reaction of those who use WhatsApp.

In the middle of the street, at the bus stop, in restaurants, in the cinema, in the supermarket queue. Infinity of scenarios where you find people trying to listen to WhatsApp voice notes through the external loudspeaker of the mobile. Sometimes, the use of this tool causes poses and postures impossible for many reasons. However, the main ones – in my opinion – are these:

Sound volume and power are not enough to clearly hear voice notes in open and noisy environments.Situation opposite. Volume too high, even to the minimum, in quiet and peaceful environments such as a library.

And third, and perhaps the most conditioning, a circumstance in which we may feel suspicious of our privacy before the possibility that someone close to us – whether friends or anyone who is a short enough distance – can listen to the content Of the WhatsApp voice memo.

Play WhatsApp voice memos on your smartphone headset

Whatever the motivation, playing a voice note in these conditions can be as frustrating as it is uncomfortable. The most shocking thing is that we can find this print every day. The conclusion is clear, and it is none other than a large number of people – many – do not know the method that allows us to reproduce WhatsApp voice notes through the loudspeaker – which we usually use for phone calls.

Indeed, WhatsApp offers us the possibility of using the internal speaker and not external, and it is possible only to bring the mobile to the ear once we have started the reproduction of the voice note. When you initiate the motion, the app momentarily pauses playback and starts again when you place the mobile on the side of your face. In this way, we will listen in full comfort and at full volume the message with audio without the rest of people around us or even hear.


A little feature that has the proximity sensor of our smartphone. In fact, if by some chance we need to stop playback, we just have to separate the cell from the ear again, and the voice memo will be paused until we decide to play it again. And yes, this method holds for any platform on which WhatsApp is available.


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How to play WhatsApp voice notes without anyone listening to you

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