Five things that a Windows 7 Starter user needs to know

Five things that a Windows 7 Starter user needs to know

Already exceeded, Windows 7 remains one of the most popular editions and used the operating system Microsoft , surpassing its successors versions Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 . The manufacturer has already officially ended support base to the software , but this does not prevent users to install on computers, especially the older ones, who can not support all the requirements of the updates. If you are thinking of installing Windows 7 Starter Edition on a computer, watch these five tips.

1. No support base
Microsoft officially ended support for Windows 7 base in January 2015. This means they are not developed new features to the software, including design changes or new applications. The only possible updates are fixes and security patches that are part of the extended support period, which should last until 2020.
After this date, the version stops receiving updates, something that already occurs with Windows XP and other older editions of Windows that are still vulnerable to bugs and flaws discovered after the end of its support.

2. SP1 Update
All security updates for Windows 7 already launched are available for Starter. It is recommended that users install the version of Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and then the cumulative update that has all the patches released until April 2016 to protect the largest number of potential threats. You can also upgrade for free for Windows 10 until July 29, 2016.

3. Compatible software
Many older programs designed for Windows XP can work properly in Windows 7 using compatibility mode. This should not be a frequent problem, since most of these applications has been updated to the current versions of operating system.
The big problem, however, is the software adapted to Windows 8 or 10. Many of them still work properly in Windows 7. However, nothing prevents that, in the future, they close down the support for version. This will prevent the user to take advantage of recent changes, including bug fixes and security patches, leaving your system more vulnerable.

4. Limitations
The purpose of the Starter version is to serve as a gateway to the operating system, so it provides only basic features and customization limitations. The issue does not allow, for example, modify the wallpaper from the desktop or access some advanced features network maintenance.
Other limitations of Windows 7 Starter is the lack of compatibility with 64-bit architectures, the capture feature screens, the absence of some games and transparency of windows, thumbnail view and the inability to save backups on the network.
The maximum use of up to three simultaneous programs, which was present in Windows Vista Starter, has been removed from this version, but it has a limit of up to 2 GB of RAM usable.

5. Hardware
Like applications, many newer computer components can have advanced features that are not compatible with Windows 7. If you are installing the operating system on a new device, check if there is any incompatibility with your hardware to prevent it has errors or stop working completely.

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Five things that a Windows 7 Starter user needs to know

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