Brother MFC-L8600CDW Laser Printer : Review

Brother MFC-L8600CDW Laser Printer : Review

Brother has diversified its product line with printers increasingly robust and ready for the corporate market, catering to all printing needs and scanning for small and medium enterprises.

The focus on the laser already has a long history in printing technology, but the MFC-L8600CDW we received for testing is one of the prepared models to produce color documents at high speed.

This multifunctional stands by the print system, but draws attention to bring a good quality scanner, copier function, capacity to transmit fax and other special features. Does it meets all promises?

We spent a few days testing the many product features, including easy technologies it brings to print documents directly from the phone and other settings that aim to speed up the work. Follow our impressions.



Robust design

As might be expected from a dedicated printer to the business community, the design is not the forte of this product. When having to behave scanner, large size of toners and hardware capable of controlling all these functions, the MFC-L8600CDW eventually becomes a functional device, but not as elegant.

The look of this model follows what we have seen on other manufacturer devices – we have another Brother in our office which is very similar. The mixture of white and black colors used in casting is interesting, combining with any environment.

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Trays for papers are hidden, preventing the entry of dust and leaving the printer with a simple and pleasant appearance. The scanner is positioned in an easily accessible location, being very important for those who often make many copies on a daily basis.


In almost all components of the external part we noticed that the bet on plastic materials with rounded corners, which avoid possible accidents. On the back, the USB and network connections are hidden, since they are only used in the first configuration. The input to USB drives, on the other hand is in front, which is very practical.

The LCD display is noteworthy since it fits nicely in the product construction and gives access to all product functions. It is also worth noting that the color display features touchscreen technology, which allows for advanced settings and observe the printer’s activities.

Multiple ways to connect

One of the great features of the MFC-L8600CDW is its ability to connect to multiple devices across multiple technologies. The initial settings are quickly made by computer software that comes with the printer driver.

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The network configuration is the smartest to the corporate environment, as it ensures access to the device across multiple computers. In our tests, we have not had any problems, and this Brother worked perfectly on WiFi network.

wifi network

The mobile application compatibility is another advantage, especially for those who want to print a document to a meeting and do not have time to go to a PC. We use Brother iPrint & Scan app for Android and we could use all the features with ease. The program interface is intuitive and offers multiple options in your palm.

We were also pleased with the printer working mode when using USB sticks. She is able to print documents directly from the removable device and scan images without needing a computer nearby. Overall, the MFC-L8600CDW proved extremely useful and simple to use.

Fast, but with Quality Compromise.

Okay, after exploring all product configurations, we decided to leave for the practical tests. Because it is a laser printer, the document type does not influence both printing time. We noticed that monochrome documents (grayscale) and colorful take almost as long to print.

Despite being fast, we could not match the performance of the MFC-L8600CDW to what Brother promises in the product specifications. According to the manufacturer, it is capable of printing 30 pages per minute, but it was not what we found in our checks.


Considering the data sending time to the printer (which in some cases has come to take 20 seconds), we were only able to print only 10 pages in the first minute. This number increases in the next minute, when we could print 16 pages in 60 seconds. Does not come close to the number reported in the manual, but it’s not bad either.

A feature that can help a lot – being also an output gap – is the ability to handle duplex printing. This way of working ensures that it print on both sides without having to remove the paper and place it in the tray. All configuration can be done on the PC or panel. Simple, fast and convenient.

Picture quality falls short

The focus of the Brother MFC-L8600CDW is document printing office, which means that it is ideal for text and reduced size images. However, it is not unreasonable to think that, now and then, it can be used to print photographs.

Despite a number of configurations (including paper setting, and resolution) to improve print quality, satisfactory results could not. To perform this type of testing, we use images with resolution higher than 10 megapixels, which ensures sufficient quality for prints in oversized sizes.

Even with the necessary adjustments, there are several printing marks, possibly caused by the use of toners, that spoil the picture. The images in the gallery above, you may notice this type of defect mainly in images with dark blue background.

The worst thing is to realize that this printer can not reproduce the full range of standard CMYK colors. Regions with close shades end up getting distorted and generate a real mess. This type of defect is particularly noticeable in shades of red and magenta. In fact, this Brother is not for this purpose.

Scanner and operation

If the print quality is not so strong, the scan features and copier MFC-L8600CDW end up paying off. She demonstrates extremely fast and efficient when making copies.


A quick scan on the sheet so that the result exit in just seconds. She is able to save the scan results in more than one place (on the USB stick and PC for example) and print the images scanned in duplex mode.

During our tests, we realized that this printer is a bit noisy. In addition to the noise from the internal mechanisms, she has two coolers that are active to cool the components. However, it is worth noting that this does not become a problem, especially in a corporate environment.

Worth it?

The Brother MFC-L8600CDW is a multifunctional that draws attention by multiple technologies and speed in printing. Able to work in duplex mode, scan documents to more than one destination and offer mobile apps with compatibility, it can be ideal for companies with a wide range of devices.

According to the official website of Brother, this printer costs about 2,800 dollars. The value is justified considering the monthly working capacity (which reaches more than 30 000 pages) of the product and its technologies.

It is important to note that the MFC-L8600CDW is economical, and efficient for both monochrome as color prints. Certainly, it is a good choice for heavy use and print various types of documents.

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Brother MFC-L8600CDW Laser Printer : Review

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