Best Streaming Music: What is the best service for you to listen to music?

Best Streaming Music: What is the best service for you to listen to music?

Downloading music is a thing of the past! Now, the new technology that promises to be the face of the future is streaming music, which you do not need to download on your phone as it’s stored in the cloud. In addition to dominating the world of videos, movies and series, through Netflix, YouTube, HBO, among others, streaming technology has everything in the world of music and Podcasts too, with services that charge you a monthly fee and offer you millions of songs in A gigantic catalog, which can be used even offline with previous download (as in Netflix recently) in the mobile application.

Best streaming music services


best Streaming music Spotify

Advantages: Spotify has one of the best (if not the best) catalogs of music streaming among competing services. Also, for the Premium user, it offers the download of up to 3333 songs to listen to in the application without internet. The user interface is very neat too, with many playlists already organized, of the most different possible logics: Funk years 2000, songs to work out, songs to relax, rock 80s, page 90 and so on. These playlists make it much easier for you to choose what to listen.

Spotify also provides the user with premium videos and podcasts that can be signed and synchronized by the user.

Characteristics of Spotify

  • Catalog: 30 million songs
  • Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Computer (Windows / Mac / Linux), PlayStation, Android Wear, Smart TV and web version.
  • Price: $ 4.83 per month
  • Offline access: Yes
  • Quality: 320 kbs

Official: Spotify 

Apple Music

best Streaming music Apple Msuic

Apple’s streaming music service started for iOS system users and recently covered Android users. The audio quality of the service is good, and just like Spotify, the catalog is organized into playlists, but not with as many different options as your competitor. The list is also quite extensive, with many options for users.

The disadvantage of Apple Music is the price, which is well above the average of its competitors offering streaming music. As the fare charged in the dollar ($ 4.99) which comes out about $ 17.00 per month. Also, the variability of values due to currency exchange may bother users, who never know how much they will pay for the service next month,

Characteristics of Apple Music

  • Catalog: 30 million songs
  • Platforms: Apps for Android and iOS and iTunes (PC and Mac)
  • Offline access: Yes
  • Price $ 4.99 per month and $ 7.99 per month for the family plan
  • Quality: 256 kbps (AAC)

Official: Apple Music

Google Play Music

best Streaming music google play music

Google’s streaming music service often comes pre-installed on Android smartphones, and also serves as an MP3 player. But what most people do not know is that Google offers a paid plan to listen to music online.

Google Play Music is a good alternative for those who like integration, offering the greater versatility of use. This is because, in addition to the different playlists and easy to organize, the app itself suggests some tracks according to your taste already expressed, or even in environments where you activate your GPS. For example, if you’re at a gym, the app suggests some artists who potentiate your workouts. Same for when you’re in an office, and so on.

Even offering a test drive of 6 months, and with an adaptation is already known by Google, Play Music still has little adhesion. It’s an excellent opportunity to be the first to experience the impressive heritage.

Characteristics of Google Play Music

  • Catalog: 35 million songs
  • Platforms: IOS, Android, and Browser
  • Offline access: Yes
  • Price: $ 4.83 per month
  • Quality: 320 kbps

Official: Google Play Music

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Best Streaming Music: What is the best service for you to listen to music?

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