Bentley Continental GT3-R: A ride with 600 horsepower

Bentley Continental GT3-R: A ride with 600 horsepower

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Despite the name and the torque and performance data, the Bentley Continental GT is not designed to turn time back or turn corners with agility, but to deliver comfort and refinement. Its powerful motors are used to travel with ease despite the weight of almost 2.5 tons – after all, he’s a gran tourer . Thus since 2003.

It turns out that now the Bentley decided to launch the Continental GT3-R with weight relief, adhesives in the bodywork and aerodynamic elements such as front splitter and rear wing – both made of carbon fiber. What Bentley want with this? And, most importantly, how this giant behaves on the track?

Maybe you’ve even thought the perfect guy to answer this question. Julian .., I mean, Chris Harris, who did exactly what anyone would do: took the GT-3 Continental to a race track and tried to make the most of it. After all, why not?

The Bentley Continental GT3 with the idea-R was enjoying the relative success of their factory team in the Blancpain Endurance Series, long championship sanctioned by FIA which comprises the 24 Hours of Spa and the 1000 Km of Nürburgring. The Bentley Continental GT3, with its V8 four liters and 500 hp, competes in the category since 2013 and has managed much more than reasonable results, so it was natural that the mark sought a way to sell more cars supported in his campaign on the slopes.

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They found: the Bentley Continental GT3-R is inspired by the racing car, dressed in a white body with green stickers and GT3-R saying, carbon fiber parts and an interior that blends the exquisite workmanship of a Bentley with the absence of backseat to relieve weight – the GT3-R weighs 2195 kg, 100 kg less than the regular version of the Continental GT. It worked: they were manufactured 300 units – a number that, according to Bentley, ensures that the GT3-R is a rare car forever – and all of them have been sold. The price? £ 237,500, or about R $ 1 million in direct conversion.

And how is this car a million reactions (read with the voice of Silvio Santos)? The answer is surprising.

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Harris compares the GT3-R to a banana sandwich with bacon: ” A Bentley, adhesives, spoilers and sharp turns are a combination that should never go right but, for some reason, give , “he says. Bentley kinda acted against the laws of physics with GT3-R.

First, the engine W12 twin turbo six liters and 575 hp gave rise to lighter V8 twin turbo four liters (about the same as found in Audi RS6 safe Avant, for example) of 580 hp at 6,000 rpm and 71.4 mkgf the very low 1,700 rpm – interestingly, the torque is exactly the same in W12 and V8. The detail is that triggering mode overboost , the power rises to 600 horsepower and torque to 76.4 mkgf for 15 seconds.
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The brakes are enormous, with discs of 420 mm diameter (16 inches!) At the front and at the back 356 mm with tweezers eight pistons. There is a torque vectoring system which distributes the force between the two rear wheels in a variable manner. The transmission is automatic eight marches, manufactured by ZF and equipped with manual exchange system by butterflies behind the wheel. The interior is full of leather and Alcantara with green accents and carbon fiber components – remains well equipped, including a multimedia system, after all it’s still a Bentley.

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The biggest changes, though, are in suspension and final drive ratio differential. The car is 1 cm lower, which is not much, but the springs are now much stricter – 45% front and 33% on the back – while the ratio of the rear differential was shorter: 2.85: 1 to 3.5: 1. Thanks to these two changes, the Continental GT3-R behaves with surprising agility in high corners with little body roll in and a lot of composure; besides being very agile in resumed.
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The maximum is now lower speed – 309 km / h to 273 km / h, because of shorter differential – but this is not exactly a problem, especially as the GT3-R Continental remains an excellent grand tourer . In fact this is the first thing that Harris note: with four suspension settings, the car is still comfortable, soft and quiet when you want it to be.It is as if the fact that he lead way to speed on the track was a bonus, and we’re sure its 300 owners are fully satisfied with it.

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Bentley Continental GT3-R: A ride with 600 horsepower

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