8 tricks effective in controlling your addiction to mobile

8 tricks effective in controlling your addiction to mobile


Accept it is part of the therapy, and you know it . The mobile is much more than that. Do you remember your first phone to? I do, and it makes 20 years, a Motorola with telescopic antenna … I recently saw a picture with old junk that mobile is able to replace today … I think I’ve seen for some social network, Facebook think; Awesome. It is much more than a mobile … for something called smartphones. If you leave home without yours almost feel helpless. All are addicted to mobile, to a greater or lesser extent. How do I know?

If you can not dine with friends without taking a call or take pictures of your meals to send to your Instagram account, if you walk the dog while you answer your tweets and comments from the Facebook network, if you can not go running unused Mobile to record your steps and calories burned, if Screenshot 03/10/2015 at (s) 16.12.59bags mobile faster than your shadow when you receive notifications … excitement to see what happens. And what about me WhatsApp and other apps? It is well established that has an impact on our social life, even affect the development of our brainsocial interaction through mobile is almost Afrodisiac a.

That addiction or a phobia about leaving without mobile … to have a name, called thenomofobia -os advise reading this article demonstrates how social networks and by extension the use of mobile- can even change our brain chemistry . Today, in Spain, already exceeds mobile computer as a gateway to the network. 87% of mobile users use a smartphone and middle pass daily about 2 hours and 32 minutes online .Time devoted essentially to social networks and play: Facebook and Twitter are leaders, followed by Instagram and YouTube … then comes WhatsApp and other social networks.

… Not forgetting the games. But there ismore, 90% of mobile users who connect to the Internet do while watching TV. It is to socialize, check information, make purchases is to play, we do so from the smartphone more often. But the real danger is not their mobile radiation but simply subtract a long time in our lives offline , to the point of neglecting sometimes friends and family. If you feel you should cut your addiction to mobile, there is no mystery nor will magically: follow your common sense and these eight quite reasonable steps; to implement.

  1. forget to consciousness at home … i know, it’s a bit radical but should do from time to time as therapy since it helps wean mobile and regulate your addiction. but not only mobile but leave all kinds of gadgets that you usually take with you. long ago i underwent this little experiment, follow this link if you want to read my story .
  2. cut the crap and turn it off … not only in the movies or in your buiness but when you do socialize with people of flesh and blood face to face. it is impolite to use your mobile when you are with other people awaiting you; do not fall into that ugly habit.
  3. do not miss sight … out of sight, out of mind, that saying could be applied here but also could make a comparison with junk food. you find it easier to resist temptation if not before our eyes … what about me?
  4. rebel vs. tuits & co … sit head, you really need to send tweets and status updates right and left about every aspect of our lives? do not you think that sometimes boring to others and … nasa but does not provide feed your ego?
  5. live longer your offline … i sometimes use these “dead times” of the day to make online social life rather than devise a plan to do so in real life. sometimes we neglect to help up the digital identity that hard trying to build online.
  6. apps, but the fair itself … we’ve all been there: we end up with dozens of apps that distract us and not bring us nothing but noise to bore our neurons rather than enjoy more productive, educational or just fun activities.
  7. … notifications banished limítalas the most, in fact i clear much of them since i distracted and reforzad invisible umbilical cord that binds me to the mobile. often they are the fault of another predictable moment alone with mobile.
  8. control your addiction with my … if anything we review help you, you may need to take more seriously and be fully aware of the intense relationship you entertain with your phone; there are great apps for it as moment , faceup orbreakfree

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8 tricks effective in controlling your addiction to mobile

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