5 technological phobias maddening ... the fear linked to technology

5 technological phobias maddening … the fear linked to technology

Fears, these dream thieves, are perpetrating their pilfering in the XXI century at the expense of removing the technological welfare of many dilettantes technology … no, not just talking about generations and conflicts, also it passes between the millennials or digital natives .
No, the technology has not come to ruin your life is nothing but a fantastic means to an end which, summarized, could be expressed by a jump Screenshot 01/14/2016 at (s) 17.55.46 qualitative social welfare, equality and health for all.
Take a look to the future … the power technology our ability to think faster, create more ingenuity and our learning process more efficiently. Look at the social networks and crowd funding … in life we have been so connected or have seen so much creativity to shape the technology of tomorrow.
Technology sets the pace of our lives and is reflected in society as such triggers certain pathologies result of anxiety felt by some: afraid to embrace technology, distrust or fear to use live without it. It is inevitable, as the technology will assert itself fears there will be more clinical cases.



Technophobia, endemic of the early twenty-first century

It is the raison d’etre of technological illiterates, anxious technophobes that the very idea that technology is shaping tomorrow’s society distress them. They reject technology because they see in it the manifestation of the devil, see the white or black life without gray; that is enough to justify his fear of technology.

You can not treat as this aversion is such that they have built a wall in his mind to be isolated from the technology. In addition, it is not an irrational fear but usually it is linked to a lifestyle and will not use modern technology such as the Amish communities or people who want to live off the grid, off-grid.


Cyberfobia, persistent fear of using computers

This phobia affects several generations who have lived this pivotal era which saw the introduction of computers in our society and workplaces. Here it is totally irrational, the result of a lack of adaptation. That fear is caused by refusing to abandon old work processes to embrace technology.

It is linked to the lack of conviction and spirit of overcoming the new, … called denied for computing and followers of … “a formula that works is not changed”. That fear can become so sick that the person who has it can completely block; the only way to cope is through education and use of friendlier interfaces users with almost no learning curve.


Nomofobia, afraid to leave without mobile … is an addiction

What a yes, it is! Do you remember when was the last time you went leaving the mobile home? The mobile is it becoming for many in an appendix to his mind … is an inexhaustible source of impulses that nourish our neurons. We are overexposed to mobile phone use, this causes some severe anxiety and even addiction.

If you ever wake up in the middle of the night having the feeling of having received a notification on your mobile, it’s too late … you suffer from the syndrome Ghostly notifications, whether they sound, vibration or flashing light. That recurring feeling is what leads us to consult mobile throughout the day.

And it is that mobile is the gateway to our social networks, with that mania share everything and engage everyone we know everything that happens to us throughout the day … friends and mobile off many of reality to such an extent that digital is gradually their real world through an outline of perceived reality.

Selfie fobia, panic at the idea of score an selfie

The selfie or self-portrait is the cult of the ego or narcissistic sin, for some. For others it is nothing more than a game or exhibitionists reserved for instant pleasure as the goal is to share it through social networks. But it is not to the liking of everyone. You may humility, shame, shyness or disinterest, there are those who hate.

Only a few feel real panic at the thought of drawn one selfie with your anxiety attacks and discomfort every time a friend encourages them to score an selfie. It will be touched by a self-esteem, even a drop of love made himself whether to score an selfie and share it with friends is necessary.

In a selfie however it should not matter that we look only emotion we transmit to others. That’s the idea. Except perhaps the category where selfiespejo look that takes the picture becomes critical and … lunatic ?! The selfie must be something fun to spice up the existence of the digital, nothing more.


Ecommerce-phobia, fear of online payment methods

You know how many shopping carts are abandoned each year? More than 70% !! A small part is due to the fear felt by the user when making an online payment, to that paranoia that invades them increasingly facing various means of digital payment; the same who refuse to deliver any type of personal data by innate distrust.

Identity theft is a cold hard fact that generates a lot of uncertainty and mistrust among unsuspecting users. Today the use of the card is relatively safe through the virtual POS and authentication processes, the same goes for the various payment platforms such as PayPal or Trusly systems.

A phobia is an irrational and uncontrollable fear that manifests itself through anxiety. You feel sometimes displaced by technology and it is the world over, unconscious olfaction leaves a restless taste in mind. But it goes beyond a simple fear, you feel nausea, dizziness and is in an altered state.

But technology is unstoppable and it is very likely that some phobias disappear together with time while others are born. It is closely linked toScreenshot 14/01/2016 at (s) 18.05.15concept of digital natives, the generation born in the digital age. Obviously they are less likely to develop phobias such as technology has always been there for them.

But if we have to emphasize the technological phobia list, this would be the nomofobia result of addiction to cell phone use. Simply because mobile is synonymous with access to social networks and showed that could alter brain chemistry .On the other hand, if you suffer nomofobia, there are a number of very useful tricks to control your addiction to mobile .

If you see signs that galleys nomofobia as anxiety after running out of battery or lose your mobile phone, the popular syndrome ghostly notifications or mania to consult your social networks even without notification, leave it at home and take a walk through the countryside enjoying landscape and every step you take … enjoy the moment, now!

5 fobias tecnológicas desquiciantes,… el miedo vinculado a la tecnología


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5 technological phobias maddening … the fear linked to technology

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