5 pages to change virtual look

5 pages to change virtual look

I can hardly go to the hairdresser, but when I do that I like to call a new look or a radical change. It is risky, yes, but also more fun. Many women look forward to change, make us bold styling or putting on makeup in some special way on occasion, but do not dare … for less risky within our reach places where we grope as we remain is makeover, websites that allow us to try a virtual makeover, including virtual hairstyles.

On occasion we told you about any of these websites virtual makeover and the truth is that we have seen that it is a topic that interests you, so I thought it would also be will be interesting to know the best places for a change of virtual look, a total of 5 websites in which we find online applications for virtual changes look:

First, we Getmakeovers.com a site about which I had spoken Ounae and although it is a bit slow to load, it is worth. We have many options to try this new look we have in mind, either up our own photo or using the models we have available. We can choose the hairstyle, makeup and other items such as glasses, etc.


In the web of Marie Claire magazine also put at our disposal an online application virtual makeover, Virtual Hairstyle Makeovers , which I as in the previous case we can adjust the hair, makeup, etc. But also in this case the colors and types of makeup are specific to each brand, when used in our virtual makeover concrete cosmetic product in a list of all products used in our radical change with purchase options online is added to us dirijen generally to the official online store brand.

Then there is Taaz , for me the best of this list. It is a site for virtual changes look, from my point of view is the one that best lets us adjust haircuts or hairstyles, accessories, etc. our face or the model we use. For example, hair can be adjusted by several points tilt, height, etc. It also shows us that we are using products with a purchase option at the online store of the brand, but does not make us a list as in the previous case.

On the website of People magazine in Spanish also offer a section called Change your look , where we find an online application to verify that the new look we have in mind is us or not. The options on how to customize the change are more or less the same as in the previous cases.

Also in this case we can adjust the hair, lips, etc. by several points, typical of graphic design programs. And also it offers a shopping cart style cosmetic products we also use allows us to send this email list with links for purchase at various online stores list.

And finally, an online application virtual makeover, although free as above, requires registration on the web Beauty Riot for access to it.

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This is Instant Makeover , quite like the previous ones , as the main difference application we can tell they put at our fingertips looks famous, so that we can be useful when our idea of hair, for example, comes from having seen you actress or the like. What would you be with the look of Charlize Theron?

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5 pages to change virtual look

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