5 Best Android Games Type Candy Crush

5 Best Android Games Type Candy Crush

The Candy Crush franchise has become a worldwide success, firming up as one of the most popular 3-piece match series of all time. It was and still is an icon of world pop culture, winning players of all sexes and age, attracting even people who had never had video games in their lives. With all that success, the most popular mobile casual game in the world has inspired a series of titles that offer the same addictive mechanics. As you wait your life to fill to continue crushing the sweets and overcome all stages, check out our list with the best Android games type Candy Crush!

1. Bejeweled Games Series

The Bejeweled series of games was one of the first to open the market for games to match three pieces, appearing long before Candy Crush Saga. Let’s say he’s the father of Candy Crush. Today we can find three different titles released by EA developer, Bejeweled Classic, Bejeweled Blitz! And the new Bejeweled Stars. All the titles are very similar and present very similar game mechanics, differing a little by the theme. But briefly, in all, you will have to combine three diamonds and create gigantic combos to overcome the most diverse phases.

Download the Android Game, Bejeweled >>


2. Futurama: Game of Drones

Futurama: Game of Drones is a latest match-fixing game featuring characters and scenarios inspired by the animated TV series, Futurama. Like most games of the genre, you will have to combine pieces and accomplish the missions of each stage to advance. The difference, compared to the other titles, is that you will have to connect four pieces, instead of 3, which makes things even more attractive. The game has all the comedy seen in the animated series, thanks to the collaboration of Matt Groening, creator of the Simpsons, which should please fans of the animated series.

Download the game for Android, Futurama: Game of Drones >>

3. Indy Cat Match 3

Indy Cat Match 3 is a fun 3-piece matching game that has an adventurous archaeologist cat as its theme. In this, your goal is to conquer levels and advance the game by combining shapes, collecting relics and more. Embarking on a fun adventure in search of the Magic Ball of Fate. It has a good game mechanic, quite addictive. It is a full-blown title and has a high rating in the Google Play store, which shows that the match is highly appreciated among its millions of users.

Download the game for Android, Indy Cat Match 3 >>

4. Jelly Blast

Jelly Blast is a title that offers an exciting match-playing experience with a more lovable theme. It’s a cute game with colorful and vibrant graphics, adorable characters and, of course, some challenges to solve. It has everything the other matching games offer. Simply combine shapes and make several combos to accomplish the tasks and to overcome the phases. There are several levels to play, as well as leaderboards, which gives the game a more social component. It has characteristics that attract a lot of female audiences.

Download the game for Android, Jelly Blast >>

5. Puzzle & Dragons

Puzzle & Dragons

Puzzle & Dragons may have been a little-known title in the West, but it was one of the most popular 3-Piece matching games in Japan. ASn undoubtedly one of the best 3-Piece matching games. Standing out against its competitors by offering a game mechanic that combines puzzles with RPG combat elements. Thus, each combination equals one damage to the opponent, the larger the combinations, the greater the damage. Closing this true salad, we also have elements of collectible cards, in which you collect various monsters.

Download the game for Android, Puzzle & Dragons >>


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5 Best Android Games Type Candy Crush

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