13 supertechnologies in refrigerators

13 supertechnologies in refrigerators

Refrigerator – king of the kitchen. What would we do without it, how else would you store products ? I do not even want to think about it. However, since its appearance in the 30s of the last century, much has changed in refrigerators. Here are the Super-technologies that have developed or evolved in refrigerators.

1. Artificial Intelligence.

That’s right – artificial intelligence – some manufacturers have called it, the ability to independently control fridge and change the intensity of their work, depending on the operating conditions. In simple terms, electronics refrigerator periodically measures the temperature of the ambient air temperature and humidity inside the refrigerator and, on this basis, the most effective operation of the compressor building (change of power on-off). This allows you to always keep the refrigerator and freezer compartment optimized for high-quality food storage temperature and humidity. Besides, it serves to save electricity.

  • Whirlpool in this technology is called the 6th Sense Fresh Control;
  • in refrigerators Bosch – Freshsense technology;
  • from Gorenje – AdaptCool.

Japanese are a bit more complicated. In Panasonic refrigerators, technology that works is called ECONAVI. It analyzes for two or three weeks, the information from various sensors, about how often the owners open the refrigerator door, what time of day it is more intense and in what areas of the refrigerator is loaded with more products, it takes into account the temperature conditions in the room, where there is a refrigerator. Then, on the basis of their own observations here, optimizes the refrigerator – again, building a correct algorithm for operation of the compressor, saving (when possible), and electricity, on the contrary, increasing the pace during the most “food” user activity. A similar technology in refrigerators Mitsubishi Electric called Neuro Fuzzy.

2. Against odors and bacteria

Various odors, sometimes not the most pleasant – eternal companions storage products. Can they appear in the refrigerator. To quickly get rid of them, in modern models have filters, through which the air (it usually helps the fan). Typically, carbon filters it, absorbent, absorbs odors. All in all, quite simple but quite effective – something smells are removed. The filters, however, sometimes need to change, but better that than an unpleasant smell in the refrigerator.

  • models concern BSH technology called AirFreshfilter;
  • in the production of Electrolux – TasteGuard;
  • from LG – Hygiene Fresh;
  • in refrigerators Whirlpool – Microban technology and Hygiene.

It is not always the case is limited only by absorbing carbon filter odors. Often with him there and filters serve different purposes. The same technology Hygiene Fresh from LG, for example, based on the air passes through the four-layer filter cartridge, which has to fight bacteria and fungi.

Other manufacturers do not only filter the air in the refrigerator, but also seek a disinfection, and thus reduce the likelihood of “wrong” bacteria, which leads to unpleasant odors (decomposition). Do it with the help of air ionization.

  • Gorenje IonAir;
  • Hotpoint Active Oxygen;
  • Toshiba HybridPLASMA;
  • Sharp Plasmacluster.

ion Air Active oxygen

Air ionizers refrigerated fills its internal space so-called active oxygen, negatively charged particles (ions) partially neutralizing harmful bacteria and fungus, and mold spores. The active oxygen destroys odors in the refrigerator and prevents the absorption of its fresh produce. Shelf life eatables stored in the fridge with the ionizer increases. But, of course, do not expect that, for example, stored fruits or vegetables stay fresh month. Usually it is an increase of 2-3 days, that fresh food – very good.

Sometimes, as in the case of Panasonic, is also used disinfecting air filtration based on the antibacterial properties of silver (Ag-Clean technology from Panasonic). Cover the inner walls of the refrigerator may also have disinfecting properties (also a “silver” technology).

Refrigerators different brands with different air cleaning system in the interior space available in local stores.

3. “Hot” Freeze

It is known that the hot food in the refrigerator to set very undesirable – this will raise the temperature inside it, which is not only bad for the other products, but also leads to an increase in energy consumption (about how to save when using household appliances , we told earlier). First products recommend to cool to room temperature. This is true for most refrigerators, but Mitsubishi Electric.

Have this manufacturer Universal Camera model Versa, which can be frozen hot products. The technology is called Hot Freezeeng. The sensors detect the temperature of hot foods, which is sent direct flow of cold air. This method of refrigeration and time saving and, according to the manufacturer retains the taste quality of the products. Design department provides a double-flap door, so that all the heat remains inside the chamber. By the way, Universal Camera Versa called because it can also be a quick mode aktivrovat deep freeze products, gentle freezing (products such as sauces, do not turn into a piece of ice, and retain a soft texture), and is available ispolzvanie it as a normal freezer box.

4. Such different freshness


Area freshness – a common solution, it is in many modern refrigerators. This may be one or two containers in the refrigerator compartment, but it is better if the zone freshness isolated in a separate room with its door – it is easier to maintain the optimum temperature settings and the desired level of humidity. It is in this sense – the right temperature and humidity for good storage of certain products.

For chilled fresh meat, fish, seafood, cheese some desired temperature -1-0 ° C and humidity level – 50-60%. Under such conditions shelf life increases – the so-called zone of dry freshness. But for storing fruits, vegetables, berries and herbs ideal temperature 0-2 ° C and a humidity level of 90-95% – a zone of moist freshness. Most often, control humidity levels in the areas of freshness made mechanically (opens or closes the valve in the special containers), but there are models where this responsibility lies with the electronics.

Today on sale, including in our country, you can find plenty of refrigerators with different design zones freshness. Pioneered the introduction zone of freshness in the refrigerator became company Liebherr, which in 1996 introduced BioFresh storage system while maintaining the temperature of -1-3 ° C and the ability to adjust it within this range, as well as control of humidity.

Zone of freshness from different manufacturers have different names:

  • HydroFresh refrigerators group BSH (Bosch, Siemens, Neff);
  • NaturaFresh in refrigerators Electrolux;
  • FreshZone models Gorenje;
  • Chilled Room at Panasonic;
  • Opti fresh zone from LG;
  • Fresh room or Cool Select Zone (Zone of freshness with five modes of operation) at Samsung;
  • Fresh Store Active 0 ° C in refrigerators Whirlpool.

Not only temperature and humidity settings in separate containers can help keep food fresh longer. There are other ways. For example, LG refrigerators, a special lighting Vita Light in the box for fruits and vegetables, according to the manufacturer, the LEDs provide lighting in its spectrum similar to the sun (photosynthesis proceeds), which contributes to the preservation of vitamin C in foods, as well as an increase in the duration of their storage .

Maintain optimum moisture level for storage of fruits and vegetables contributes to cellular container cover for them – technology LG Moist Balance CISPER. The condensate is collected in a special container lid cells (“cells”), and to a much lesser extent on food falls (than in the case with the usual smooth cap), moreover, it evaporates slowly. As a result, there is no waterlogging products that accelerate the processes of decay, but also no lack of moisture – it’s good for the appearance and taste of fruits and vegetables.

LG Refrigerators

5. Cold everywhere

It is important that the cooled air is evenly distributed throughout the refrigerator, approach each shelf. This is especially true for refrigerators with glass shelves (most of them now) – because they are an obstacle to its circulation. Manufacturers solved this problem by staging a multi-threaded cooling in refrigerators. The idea is that the cooled air, driven by one or more internal fans passes through special channels, slots in the rear wall of the refrigerating compartment, located at different levels, and is supplied to each shelf, which minimizes the temperature difference between the lower and upper segment compartment (top temperature always above). Multithreaded cooling in refrigerators have different brands, there are no problems with their purchase and Russia.

  • the LG technology called Multi-Air Flow Cooling System;
  • at Electrolux – MultiFlow;
  • in refrigerators Zanussi – AirFlow +;
  • models Whirlpool – Full Height Multi Flow.

6. Vacuum storage

Vaccum storagr

That in vacuo the products are stored for longer – has long been known. Sold, for example, special containers from which the air is evacuated (they then, by the way, it is desirable to put in the fridge). But Germans from Siemens have implemented this method of storage in the refrigerator immediately. So they called innovation – Vacuum technology. The product was placed in a special container (it is a part of the refrigerator), pressing the air is pumped out of the container. As a result, the freshness without contact with air is maintained at about 5 times longer than when stored under normal conditions, the manufacturer claims. This camera is especially useful for long-term storage of chilled meat or fish.

Alas, in the Russian model Vacuum technology is not yet available, and in Europe they are not. But the Germans, according to representatives of BSH, successfully selling them in China.

Of course, not only from Germany holodilnikostroiteli smart enough to arrange vacuum in the refrigerator, do not lag behind and Koreans. For example, in refrigerators LG this technology preserve the freshness called Vacuum Fresh.

7. Soda from the refrigerator


No one will be surprised by the fact that a modern refrigerator can pour a glass of cold water. He is able to prepare ice cubes and crushed ice – it all depends on the capabilities of the built-in icemaker. But soda refrigerator until recently poured. This possibility is realized in the models of the Korean Samsung Electronics, in partnership with SodaStream. Now the user can even choose the degree of carbonation. You press a button and you get a cool glass of sparkling water. Gas cylinder installed in a special cell in the door of the refrigerator. Function is optional, but, you see, nice.

8. Two circuit

The trend of recent years – refrigerators with separate cooling circuits for the freezing and refrigerating compartments: one compressor and two air circulation system (two evaporators, two fan). It helps to improve the energy efficiency of refrigerators, more accurately maintain the desired temperature in the offices of a positive impact on the level of humidity in the refrigerator compartment (not supplied drier air from the freezer, the best storage conditions), and also eliminates the possibility of mixing scents of products that are in different offices.

Refrigerators with a double cooling circuit are sold all over the world, including our country.

  • at Electrolux technology called TwinTechFrostFree;
  • DuoCooling at Liebherr;
  • Twin Cooling from Samsung.

9. Holidays refrigerator

Holiday Refrigerator

Previously it was? Including a refrigerator into the wall outlet, and operate two offices – refrigeration and freezing. Off – the two are not working. Today, things are different. Many refrigerators, leaving, for example, on a business trip or a vacation, you can leave the freezer to work normally and the refrigerator compartment is put on cost. Products in this let him remain in the freezer, but in the refrigerator compartment temperature is about 15 ° C, which would save him from the mold and unpleasant odors, but will demand to release the contents. Typically, this mode in refrigerators called “Vacation” or “Vacation» (Holidays, Vacation).

If one compressor refrigerator, the user can completely disable any branch, independently of the other. It may also be useful, both in the case of travel, and if just in some period of time there is no need, for example, in a freezer.

10. Double door

Double Door Refrigerators

At LG refrigerators with technology Door-in-Door (“Door to Door”). The idea is that the main door is the door of the refrigerating compartment is smaller. It opens with a light touch of a button and gives you access to pretty roomy box, where you can store anything you want – you want something that is usually stored in the mini-bar, and you want – just foods that are most in need during the day. It is possible and baby food, in general, what you want. Additional convenience – shopping cart with a lifting mechanism, combined with a convenient compartment with drawers. It is not only quick access and no need to search for the desired jars in a large refrigerator. This approach also saves electricity – because the main door does not open, in the fridge comes not so much air at room temperature, lower energy costs for lowering the temperature to the optimum level.

Other Koreans – from Samsung – also not paid attention to the refrigerator door. They probably got bigger, though similar in meaning. In refrigerators with a system of food storage Food Showcase, too, have a kind of first door – and open it in front of you as if an external cooling compartment 6 compartments for storing different types of products (cheese, sausage, beverages, sandwiches, baby food, etc.). In addition, this space is divided into three areas in which food can be stored for different purposes: for cooking, family, children, etc. This approach again, and finding the right refrigerated easier and saves electricity – less than warm air gets inside the refrigerator.

11. Modern compressor

Some refrigerators (for example, LG, including the models available in the Russian Federation) today are equipped with linear compressor with inverter power control. Pluses, briefly, is that the linear compressor fewer moving parts, fewer friction points. Instead of a circular motion of the crankshaft and connecting rod conventional compressor is movement, so to speak, in a straight line: crankshaft and connecting rod in the linear compressor is not at all. Higher reliability and efficiency, it is durable.

The main difference between the linear compressor from all those that are traditionally used in domestic refrigerators – the missing link that converts the rotation of the rotor of the motor to move the piston mechanism. The linear compressor by the electromagnetic field move the pistons themselves.

Inverter power refrigerator compressor models now sold in many manufacturers, including on sale in our country. Like in the air conditioner, it allows the compressor to work not discretely switched on and off (because of what is happening and most of its deterioration), and smoothly increasing or decreasing output, depending on the need (to maintain the temperature set by the user in the offices of the refrigerator). Below the level of noise.

12. Without thawing

It would be wrong not to recall in this material about the system Frost free refrigerator (or rather freeze frost free) – No Frost. Yet, this revolutionary innovation – it ended the era of manual defrost refrigerators (remember that fight with icing in the freezer using kastryulek hot water?). Thank you for the No Frost must say the company Liebherr – known European manufacturers of refrigerators.

Germans have implemented this technology in its coolers in 1987. Of course, the frost on the evaporator still there. Just the user does not see it and did not contact him: the evaporator is located behind the rear wall of the freezer. Built-in fan circulates air in the freezer, most of the moisture from it condenses on the cold evaporator, becoming frost and ice therefore is not directly in the freezer. Near the evaporator is a heating element that is cyclically switched on and off by a signal of the timer. When the heater is working – the frost melts, the water flows on the special channel designed for it in the tray above the compressor and gradually evaporates. In most of different brands of refrigerators, this technology is called – No Frost, it is now widely distributed and presented at the markets all over the world.

Previously No Frost could boast only freezer refrigerators. The refrigerator compartment drip system was usually defrost (static). But today there are quite a few models where the No Frost everywhere (but, of course, in the refrigerator compartment is still a temperature regime). At LG, this approach is called the Total No Frost and is based on the symbiosis of work rendered beyond the rear wall of the evaporator and cooling technology multithreaded (forced air circulation) Multi-Air Flow Cooling System.

If the refrigerator No Frost, the air is very dry it. Therefore products quickly dry out, so store them in the freezer and refrigerator compartment, you need only in the package or in special containers.

13. Almost without thawing

No Thawning

Unlike No Frost, Low Frost technology can be called for a new, it began to move two or three years ago. She realized, for example, in refrigerators Bosch and Siemens. It is important not to confuse these technologies. Low Frost – new solution in evaporator design: it is not only around the perimeter of the freezer compartment (at the rear wall), but also over the side and top walls of the freezer. This helps to avoid temperature fluctuations in the freezer, which leads to a marked reduction in the number of ice therein. That is, it is not No Frost, freezer technology Low Frost needed to defrost, but, according to the manufacturer, not more than once a year, because the ice is formed is very small. Actually, Low Frost translated to English means “little frost,” whereas No Frost – «there is no frost.” The system Low Frost has also, for example, in refrigerators Zanussi.

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13 supertechnologies in refrigerators

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